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Sunday, December 6, 2015

CCSF 2015 Random Seasonal Run Numbers

The random events were adapted from Ferral's and Kezune's lists. Most of the events will only affect one team at a time, and maybe 1 individual from that team. I roll once to see which team is getting the event, roll again to get the event, and roll as needed if the event affects an individual or I need to randomly choose a location.

Random Team Numbers:
  1. Norns
  2. Ettins
  3. Grendels
Random Creature Numbers (everyone):

1. Dilo
2. Ziggy Stardust
3.  Vansu
4. Abrupt Quince
5. Agreeable Spark
6. Roy
7. Riptide
8. Loutish Dime
9. Sara
10. Milly
11. Violent Violet
12. Lomadia
13. Tinker
14. True Rose
15. Evangeline
16. Samia
17. Blaze
18. Courageous Spark

Random Creature Numbers (per team):

  1. Sara
  2. Lomadia
  3. Milly
  4. Dilo
  5. Ziggy Stardust
  6. Violent Violet
  1. True Rose
  2. Tinker
  3. Vansu
  4. Abrupt Quince
  5. Evangeline
  6. Agreeable Spark
  1. Roy
  2. Loutish Dime
  3. Riptide
  4. Samia
  5. Blaze
  6. Courageous Spark
Random place numbers:
  1. Ocean balcony
  2. Treehouse
  3. Under the treehouse
  4. Volcano cave
  5. Purple temple + caves
  6. Under the castle
  7. Pink Tree area
Random Events:
  1. Cursed is the Minority: The team with the lowest number of creatures has one of their members banished to the Meso.
  2. A Pox on you: A creature with the lowest drives is injected with a toxin from Kezune's list.
  3. Fatal Accident: Export the creature who has had the most children. If no one on the team has had children, then whoever looks the happiest/has the lowest drives gets exported.
  4. World-Breaker: Block off access to an area that isn't vital to migration.
  5. Idle Hands: Every toy in the team's immediate area is moved to another area.
  6. Not the Bees: Release a few stingers from the stinger pod.
  7. Dumbing Down: Remove the learning device. If it's already been removed, then randomly select a creature and turn off their ability to speak.
  8. Fruits of Temptation: Place 4 poisonous things next to a few randomly selected creatures.These poisonous things are labeled as mankey or detritus, to make it fair on the creature.
  9. Bah Humbug: All of the Christmas decorations are moved to the Meso.
  10. Solitary Confinement: Flip a coin, if heads a randomly selected creature is moved to an uninhabited area of the world with food in it and, if tails, a randomly selected creature is moved to an uninhabited area without food.
  11. Ticket to Hell: A randomly selected creature near a bunch of food is moved to an area with no food.
  12. Critter Cataclysm: A species of critter or bug is removed from the game, if there is one.
  13. Splice Experiment: One creature is made using the mini gene splicer. No creatures are killed, but one of the teams gets a free baby.
  14. Dimensional Wanderers: Offline portals are added to two random locations. If this event has already been rolled, then a new portal is added.
  15. Regroup: The randomly selected team is moved into the Meso.
  16. Matchmaker: A randomly selected male and female are moved to the Meso.
  17. Useless Trolling: All of the creatures in the selected team gets a random mark.
  18. Luck of the Draw: Select a random agent to add, regardless of whether it's good or bad.
  19. Hazel Thumb: Sprinkle 3 good and 3 bad plants near the selected team.
  20. Find-it: Inject 6 toys and randomly sprinkle them in a random area.
  21. Redistributing Wealth: A random creature from the selected team gets a portable item near them moved to a random location.
  22. Misplaced Christmas Present: Inject three random, portable agents and place them in the Meso, where no on gets to enjoy them.
  23. Critter Contribution: A new species of critter is added.
  24. Trading Places: Two randomly selected creatures from any team are swapped.
  25. Temporary Banishment: If there are any creatures in the meso, then they are moved to a randomly selected area in the main metaroom. 
  26. Alien Abduction: A randomly selected pair of creatures, from any team, are abducted and spliced with the inseminator. If both of them are male, then a randomly selected female is inseminated with the egg. The species of the baby determines which team the baby belongs to.
  27. Feed the masses: A food vendor is added to the most heavily populated area. 
  28. Heal the Sick: The creature from the randomly selected team that looks the most miserable is moved to a better area.
  29. Christmas Decorating: Randomly add some new Christmas decorations. If "Bah Humbug" was rolled previously, then the Christmas decorations are moved from the Meso to the main metaroom.
  30. Successful Rescues: Any creature, regardless of team, that is outside of the current seasonal area is moved back to safety.
  31. Pest Control: Trappers are added near any stinger nests. If there aren't any stinger nests, then a few trappers are added to random areas.
  32. Albian Expansion: An extra patch plant is added to the area where most of the creatures are. If "World Breaker" was prevuously rolled, then that area is unblocked.
  33. A visit from Santa: Every creature that doesn't have a toy near it gets one placed near it.
  34. Vocabulary Boost: If "Dumbing Down" was previously rolled, then the learning machine is added back. If It hasn't been rolled then another learning machine is added.
  35. Free Refills: Place a single-bite piece of food next to every creature on the randomly selected team.
  36. Fresh Blood: Each surviving team gets two randomly generated creatures.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Random updates

I was on a roll with the blog posts, and then it fell off a cliff. So let's see if I can't write a few posts and maybe avoid a month long gap. It's also a good excuse to shake off the rust and to show off what ever little progress I've made.

The wolfling run I'm doing for the CCSF is safely nearing it's end. I'v decided to end it when they hit gen 600, and that isn't to far away. The Norns in it are probably dumb as rocks, but the original Norns weren't spectacularly smart either. They also had a weird stimulus mutation where they would get antigen 7 when hit by another Norn. All of the Norns had dead muscles and were limping everywhere. So I decided to fix the mutation and the fixed genome in to the vast backlog of eggs. Maybe it will work, though I have my doubts.

Speaking of which, the genome I've been working on for the CCSF might not be done in time. I wanted it to be CFF, so I decided to convert the Banshees to CFF. I successfully convert it once, only to realize I had saved over the Grendel with another Norn genome somehow. After reconverting them a second time, someone posted a CFF Banshee the same day. I decided to keep working on my conversion though, and I'm morphing it into what I want. Hopefully I get it done in time for the CCSF.

I will have a stupidly complex toy for the CCSF though. I found a clock sprite while digging around in C2's sprite folder a while ago and decided to make a toy out of it. And so I did. It has two states, broken and working. When it's hit, it's considered broken and won't loop the animation. So in the very least, I will have a toy agent and a pack of dumb Norns for the adoption sampler.

Friday, September 18, 2015

An Eggciting Egg Finding Machine

Guess who's wolfling run is doing well for once? My wolfling run hasn't died out in nearly 40 generations, even with population controls exporting the old Norns and a weird egg finder set up. I think moving them into a simpler seasonal migration world is what did the trick. The run is quite boring now, so I'll just write about my egg finder setup instead!

During another wofling run, I noticed the older eggs weren't hatching. I'd find generation 10 eggs mixed in with my generation 20+ eggs and that annoyed me. So I rigged up an egg finder to a timer, and made sure the older eggs would hatch first. It worked surprisingly well.

Basically what happens is the egg finder picks up all of the eggs and sorts them from oldest to newest. Since the newest eggs are in the water, they don't hatch. This makes the older eggs hatch a bit quicker, and means you won't have old eggs laying around anymore. The fireplace is actually a portable incubator, like the Meso's heat pan, and makes sure the older eggs hatch faster. The lavaball is just there to teleport the babies into the main metaroom.

It works quite well, but has one slightly annoying side effect. Your generation count isn't going to go up very fast with this egg finder set up, especially if your creatures are prolific breeders. It basically forces every egg to hatch in order, so it takes a while for one generation to finally end. So maybe it's not great for every run.

Agent links:
Egg Finder
DS Timer
Lavaball 4
Fireplace (it's under December 15th)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Absolutely Terrible

These are the most stupidest Norns I have ever seen. If they aren't sitting around complaining of hunger, surrounded by food I might add, then they are obsessed with toys. Not only that they can't even get through a basic IQ test. I've restarted this run three times since I last blogged about them. So I gave up on them.

Well, I gave up on that group to be exact. Instead of splicing them, for the millionth time, I started over with the old wolfling run Norns and a slightly tweaked CFF genome. This time I was more careful who I chose to splice further, running each batch of splices through an IQ test. I also ended up scrapping the world they were in, and moving them to a simpler world. It worked out in the end though. As of today, the run is still alive. Hopefully it stays that way!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Failed Wolfling Run

The wolfling run I started in the last blog post has failed. A seasonal migration world is apparently to hard for these Norns, even though their ancestors survived in another seasonal world. I've tried restarting it by cloning the Norns, but it eventually dies out. I think what happened was they weren't breeding enough to keep the population up. Some Norns died every time the season changes when they had to migrate. Unfortunately, the population was terrible at breeding and died out.

If it wasn't for three eggs and two dead Norns I found and cloned, the run probably would have ended right there... I don't think I can call this a wolfling run or even a feral run at this point. It's just a giant mess of high gen Norns and terrible genetics. It's been a lot of fun until now, with weird Norns with 1.6k genes and a population of Norns somehow existing on the edge of extinction for like 10 generations. So much fun, in fact, that I decided to continue it in some way.

So I cloned and spliced the remaining Norns with the CFF Marsh and Alien breeds. They were probably going to die out again, but at least they were colorful.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Weird Splicing Result

So I have a habit of running a yearly wolfling run for a few months leading up to the CCSF. This year is actually a continuation from last year's run, the Wuta Norns. Instead of continuing with just those Norns though, I decided to splice them with some CFF breeds (that way I have some nice CFFish Norns, and I get to piggyback on my old generation count.) Almost all of them were healthy, but a few of them had some weird... problems. Four or so Norns didn't act normal, like the old CFF Bondi Norns. They couldn't focus on anything and just walked around. One poor Norn couldn't wake itself up.

The weirdest one has to be the fast-ager I spliced. It's the tragic sort of fast-ager to, the one that dies within a minute or two. The gene compare for it was:

 196 New in file 1  12   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   1 Initial concentration of Life is 255.
 197 New in file 2  12   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 Initial concentration of Life is 255

From what I can tell, with my somewhat rusty genetic skills, the life concentration is set to only be active for Norns of the #1 variation. Without that initial amount of life, they just age up and die. If a Norn was from the 1 variant, then they would be fine. They could pass on the mutation though, and possibly kill most of their future children. Needless to say, this Norn wasn't added to my wolfling run's gene pool.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

National Radio Day!

Happy National Radio Day! I don't actually listen to the radio a lot, just Pandora or one of the other internet radios. I love to listen to old radio dramas though. Strangely enough, I discovered my favorite one through a Fallout 3 radio mod. It played old recordings of an old sci-fi show called X Minus One. I loved it so much, that I found it online and downloaded them all. Not all of them are memorable, but most are very entertaining. The one I remember the best is the one where humanity is trapped underground after the nuclear bombs fell, much like Fallout 3. I can't remember the name of it though.

Also, there was a Creatures radio show at one point! There aren't any recording from the show, but the original site has been archived. I found it while searching for radio agents, and thought it was too neat .

There aren't a lot of radio agents, but the C3/DS ones are pretty good. Two of them are just the beat box from C3 in an object pack. The one from the connective agent pack does allow you to inject it in DS standalone, if you have C3 installed. The survivor and portal radios are probably the most interesting radios in this bunch. They play different songs, and the survivor radio even makes the Creatures around it say something.

Tape Player by Mokus

Hanson Radio by AntiNorn
Xmas radio by Celeste

Portal Radio by Ghosthande
Survivor Radio by Ghosthande
Beat Box (in the More Pack) by Ylukyun
DS Beat Box (in the DS Connective Agent Pack) by Mirality Systems

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Creatures 1 Wolfling Runs are Impossible

...for me at least. C1 is the only Creatures game that I can't run a wolfling run in. I can run them in DS without a problem and have even managed a few in C2 before. But C1? No. I've tried many times and I either stopped it half way through to cure all of the sick Norns, or watched them all die. Recently though, Jessica updated some of C1's food sources. So I figured I would give it another shot.

I should have learned from past mistakes though, since the run failed miserably. All of my males died before breeding, so I hatched a new set. I got one egg from them, which I promptly froze. I figured things might get better after that but they didn't. All but three of my Norns were wiped out in a plague on the island. So only two males and one female survived. The males are probably going to die from starvation and the last female isn't doing much better. She's sick and dying in a corner.

So even if C1 wolfling runs are possible, I don't think I want to try them anymore. Especially not after this run. She's just sitting there, sneezing. There's even a cheese by her foot, but she won't eat it.

just eat the cheese please

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Stinger-induced Hiatus

Month long gaps are probably just going to be a thing with this blog. Sometimes I have no interest in playing the games, and other times I don't have any interest in documenting a world. The last hiatus was for a slightly different reason though, Stinger Norns! I've been planning and slowly working on a new version of them for ages now. I had sort of hoped to get them done by their second anniversary, but that isn't very likely.

And by a new version, I mean a completely new version. The old Anai genome, which I actually converted Gizmo myself, is being dropped for a tweaked version of Kezune's CFE Gizmos. Plus they, and the Rikori, are getting some of the CFF genes. Add in a few weird edits of my own, like a new lifespan and stimuli, and they are going to take a while. Not that I'm complaining though. I've sort of re-found my love for Norn genetics... just not for actually playing the game... or testing things. I still hate the testing phase.

I might start uploading some of the results of my experiments, or some other things I've been writing soon though. Maybe.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mobula: Primordial Planet

(Random sidenote: Only the beginning of this will be written like a story. I couldn't resist telling the backstory as an actual story. Also, this was way to much fun to write.)

Balmora sighed and sent out another distress call from her escape pod. She was frustratingly close to her destination, just a few light years away. A small asteroid had crashed into her ship and caused her to crash land on this backwater planet. She just hoped her Banshee overlords would forgive her for loosing their precious cargo... When no one got her distress signal, for the tenth day in a row, she deiced to go look for said cargo. After packing some essentials, like her handheld genetics scanner and some food, she opened the escape pod's door and headed out into the hot, humid air.

She quickly found the crashed ship, and silently thanked the banshees for their good engineering skills. The main part of the ship looked to be intact, but the cargo bay door was open already. She caustically entered the bay and saw nothing but broken bits of machinery.... and some crashed cryotubes. She almost panicked, fearing the precious Norns were dead, before she noticed a familiar shadow looming near the door.

She raced to the exit and was surprised to come face-to-face with a Norn. The Norn took one look at her and ran away. Balmora chased after it. The Norn led her straight to the rest of them! They were all hiding out near a temple, The scared Norns were frozen to the spot. Balmora realized the ground was shaking and saw what the Norns were afraid of, a giant dinosaur! The dinosaur slowly wandered it's way through the Norns and approached Balmora. Balmora was frozen to the spot in fear.

The dinosaur just wanted the food in her backpack though. Balmora ran away from it and let it have her backpack. She hid with the Norns, who were to busy watching the dinosaur to care. The dinosaur ate whatever it wanted and wandered back into the jungle. Everyone watched it leave with a sigh of relief.

Balmora went back to her backpack and salvaged whatever she could, which wasn't much. The only things left were her handheld scanner and one carrot. She picked up her things and  munched on the carrot while she scanned the nearest Norn to make sure it worked. The Norn wasn't to happy when the scanner beeped and Balmora snickered at his name: Stan Ding.

Stan said "Eem dislike Grendel," and walked away with a snort. Balmora suddenly realize why the Banshee who sent her here had such a strange nickname, the Punshee.
 Balmora, a dinosaur, and some weird Norns

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mobula World Update

kt temple
I was at a loss for Creaturey things to blog about this week besides Stinger Norns, so I created a new Mobula Ray world! The last Mobula world was set up to take care of aquatic Creatures, but it died when I reinstalled Creatures. I realized I haven't used KT in quite a while. So I made a world added some decorations and plants to it, as well as adding CA links. I also added Primordia to the world for a bit more space.

Honestly though, KT hasn't aged as gracefully as some metarooms.  It's not quite as pretty as Ainarda, but it does have magic spells. I would have used a few of them when making the room, but I lost my notes on them. I remember what certain spells do, but not how to cast them. So I'll figure them out some other time.

I also used the random Creatures game generator to generate some sort of challenge for myself. I decided on a slightly random combination of: using a silly naming scheme, exporting Creatures who have more then two eggs, adding two new Creatures when the population becomes homogenous, giving all of my starting creatures backstories, and never pick up my grendels. I'll also be randomizing the sprites and tints of the starting Norns, for that added bit of randomness. So look forward to that next week.

cute norn chasing bird

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Creatureslink: The End

The small group was starting to get really old at this point. Jester had already died at the ripe old age of 5 hours and 39 minutes though, and had quite quite a few descendants. So he certainly made up for his shorter time in the world. Chimanga and Pam had reached old age, and Maude had gone senile.

Out of curiosity, I plucked Chimanga from his castle and put him next to Pam. He promptly took a nap and Pam didn't even pay attention to him. I didn't know what would happen, but I certainly didn't expect that! Eventually, Chimanga deiced he liked Maude better, and those two stuck around each other for the most part. (By that I mean they slept a lot.)

Chimanga surprised me again by having a baby. I wasn't paying attention at the time, and she hatched. Chimanga was holding the egg shell and kissing his daughter. No sooner had that egg disappeared, Chimanga got Pam pregnant. She laid her egg and it was swiftly put away before it hatched.

Not to long after that, Maude died of old age. I deiced to stop writing down what happened after that, and just let Pam and Chimanga live in peace. Pam was the last one to die, and she had my full attention before she went.

Overall, I will miss this group. Chimanga stole my heart (and most of my attention), and Jester, despite his name. was a surprisingly serious Norn. Maude has as many eggs as she could manage, and Pam was very aloof. The final egg count was 20 with 17 of those being Maude's. Sadly some of Noeah's children had genetic problems and one of them was stillborn. Combining that with their father's early death, I didn't feel right uploading many of his babies. So only half of those were uploaded to Creatures Caves...

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Creatureslink: Adorably old

Old Norns can be surprising, or at least Jester was. Jester and Maude had two babies while I was trying to figure out what when wrong with Noeah. This brought the total up to 16 eggs. Maude had gotten old by this point, thanks to her Hardman genetics. Still, her and Jester made a nice pair, with all of the grey fur. They were adorable together.

Even Chimanga was getting old. He didn't do much besides sleep and play with his rocking horse. There wasn't much to do up there, but he didn't seem to mind. The treehouse was his castle, and he had a great view of his kingdom from there. Or maybe he just couldn't figure out how to get down.

Monday, May 25, 2015

World Tour: The Pacific Coast

I've been on a CreatureLink spree recently. Grendel Man uploaded two new Grendels to CreatureLink semi-recently and I grabbed one. I decided not to follow her life to closely, but instead show off the world she spent her life in. Plus if I ever reuse this world for the blog, which is entirely possible, I can just link to this post. At the end of the post is a list of the metarooms and agents used.

The name comes from the CreatureLink Grendel I adopted, Pacific, and it's a fairly basic world. It's just Aquanornia and Past Seas linked together with doors (and CA links.) There's enough food for everyone, and quite a few critters and bugs swimming around for everyone to eat. Most of the Grendels tend to stay in Aquanornia, probably because of the comfort candles there. It's meant to be a basic, easy world to live in. Pacific and her band of Grendels had 36 eggs in the world, so I think the world works quite nicely.
Agents used:
Sea Pen
Comfort candle
Norn Plushie
The rest of the plants and animals were from Past Seas

Metarooms used:
Past Seas

Sunday, May 24, 2015

National Escargot Day!

I love random, possibly fake, holidays, and today just so happens to be National Escargot Day. Escargot, for those who don't know, is cooked snails. It's popular in Spain and France, and I've never actually tried it. I don't really want to try it either. Why did I bring up the holidy then? Mostly because I wanted to highlight some weird  Creatures things and this is as good of an excuse as any!

There aren't to many snail agents. but there was a snail breed called the Snail Ettins. It was made by Dementchild for C1 and C2. Sadly it looks like the breed has been lost. The site it was hosted on is dead and I couldn't find a mirror of the site.

There are snails in C2 and C3 originally, but there's also a handful of snail-inspired agents made by other people. The only C2 snail agent is the Envy Snail by Helen. There's a few snail agents in C3/DS though. The snails from C2 have been converted into C3/DS twice by different people, once by Edash and another time by Malkin. The ones made by Malkin require the Garden Box, but they are also edible! So your Creatures can take part in National Escargot day. After they're done eating snails, they can warm up by the snail torch. Or if they're bored, they can play with their Squeak Snail instead.

Snail-themed Creatures things:
Snail Ettin by Dementchild

C2 agents:
Envy Snail by Helen

C3/DS agents:
Albian Snail by Edash

Snail Torch by TwilightCat and Bug

Squeak Snail by Twilight

Garden Box Albian Snail by Malkin and Mea

Thursday, May 21, 2015

CreatureLink: Getting older

Everyone was starting to get old. Jester was now 4 hours old, Noeah and Maude were two and a half hours old, Pam was nearly 2 hours old, and poor Chimanga was also 2 and a half hours old. This didn't slow them down though. Jester and Noeah fathered two eggs each. Everyone was happily stuffing their faces full of food. Jester soon felt crowded though, and slapped a Noeah a few times. He then danced around everybody for a while, and everything went back to normal.

Until Noeah died... He hadn't been sick, and I couldn't find anything weird in his genome. He just up and died. Maude was the first one to notice, and all she wanted were the seeds around him. Jester and Pam were on the other side of the metaroom at the time.

With Noeah gone, I figured there wouldn't be much left to the world, as far as breeding went. Jester was 4 and a half hours old, and Chimanga was still in his treehouse. So the only young male around was still embracing his inner cat and ruling the treehouse.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wolflings: The Last Feral Run

This is the first Wolfling Wensday post and there probably isn't going to be much to these posts. They will be long and possibly boring. (Today's post is actually quite a bit shorter then the original notes...) Anyway, before I uninstalled my game, I deiced to run one last feral run on the old installation. I chose some random breeds, spliced them together, and threw them in an aquatic world. After 100 hours passed, I would end the run. I didn't take to many screenshots of the world, but I did stream the first five hours of the run.

The breeds used were mostly aquatic breeds like Reef Glider, Astro Tetras, and some amphibious CFF 0.8 Norns. Some others included the Unique Bruin, Bengal, and Civet Norns and the Felis Norns. As well as an Anai Stinger genome I forgot I even made. Metarooms used were Norn garden 4 (yes I did the charity thing to get it), Past seas, Silence falls, and Norn terrarium to DS. Very few additional agents were used, just the C2Crabs, water weeds, goldfish, and crobsters.

Splicing aquatic Norns with normal Norns means some can't breath under water. So it's no surprise that 7 died out of the original 24 Norns. I later spliced 6 additional Norns for the run and 3 of those Norns drown as well. I didn't have the underwater egg hatching patch, so I rigged up an egg finder, timer, and incubator to help the eggs hatch.

2 or so died from hunger in the first hour and about 6 extra eggs were born. After 3 or so hours I deiced to kill some Norns that were laying around starving. I didn't want them breeding to much, and there was a huge backlog of eggs anyway. At 3 hours the dominant traits were legless Norns and very good breeding. There were quite a few nice blue and green Norns and the Aqua Norn head seemed very common, along with the aqua Norn tail.

30 or so hours into the run, most of that was spent in fast ticks, I noticed they were breeding in the Norn Terrarium and not venturing out into the rest of the world. Turns out some smart Norn had transplanted two mushroom plants into the Norn Terrarium at some point. Those mushrooms provided all of the food a Norn needs, so I removed them to make the run harder. I also set up interporters in some rooms instead of their original doors.

At 58 hours, the run was still doing really well. The Norns were still surviving well into old age, even with the occasional starving Norn purge. The whole population seems to be surviving because of sheer numbers, and not because they were actually good at finding food. It was either because they were legless, or because I kept killing the starving ones. Plus gait mutations were starting to get really bad. I exported one poor Norn earlier that kept walking backwards when approaching objects.

At 60 hours, I added the population control agent. I set it so export Norns after having 6 babies, and to keep then infertile if they weren't adults. Old Norns were left alone. I temporarily set it on "export lowest gens" and export old Norns to clear some space for new babies. After all of that, I decried to leave the run alone.

Then not much happened until the run hit 101 hours. I ended the run, and exported the Norns. I lost the Norns from this run when I reinstalled the game though. So there isn't much to show after all of this, just some notes. It was a fun run though.

Random observations about the run:
- Gait/pose mutations are still as annoying as I remember them being.
- Might be worth doing a wolfling run or two to see if poses or gaits have the worst impact, or if there's no difference. One population gets gait mutations and not pose mutations. The Other gets poses mutations, but not gait mutations.
- Smart Norns are really hard to breed... if they exist at all.
- The incubator + egg finder combo makes wolfling runs go slower, but it does mean no egg gets skipped. It also destroys a populations ability to separate and do the whole "small populations evolving separately" thing. Might be useful for certain wolfling runs though.
- I really need to find a way to discourage over population in my runs or discourage breeding. Only way I can think of right now is by changing genomes, but I'd rather have an agent do it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

CreatureLink: Jester doesn't joke around

Maude and Pam greeted me with two new eggs! This was Pam's first egg and Maude's fourth. Noeah wasn't doing to well. He was always shivering, even though he wasn't sick. Even a sun couldn't warm him up! Him staring straight at it probably didn't help either.

Pam had finally turned into an adult though. So I could, finally, added Jester to the group! (He was an old mystery Creature that Jessica uploaded and was already an adult.) The very first thing he did was walk up to the females, slap them a few times, got Maude pregnant, and walked away to take a nap. Despite his name, he was quite a serious little Norn.

Jester certainly made an impression on the young females. He was already 3 hours old, so maybe he was trying to make up for lost time. He left Maude quite confused. They all seemed to get over it pretty quickly though. The girls eventually forgave him, and both Pam and Maude had another egg. Noeah was the father of one of those eggs.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

CreatureLink: Chimanga's treehouse

Pam had the time of her life just playing with bugs and toys. Chimanga was still embracing his inner cat, and claiming the treehouse as his own. Noeah and Maude had moved into a warm-looking cave, though Noeah was still shivering quite a bit. I added a steam rock to the cave, hoping that it would help him out somewhat. I think it worked to well, since they immediately kisspoped and had their first baby!

Maude was a proud mother, and decided to take a nap near her egg. She and Noeah turned into adults soon afterwards and celebrated with another egg. Pam eventually had enough of the bugs and slowly made her way to the main group. Everyone was happy and took good care of themselves. Everyone except Chimanga.

Being stuck in a treehouse had done a number on his brain, I think. He kept forgetting what toys did, even though he was surrounded by them. He thought staring at food or toys was more entertaining rather than playing with them. He did eat occasionally, but I often found
him complaining of hunger. I eventually gave up on him, and let him do his own thing.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

An Update

Just a small update on the blog. I've decided on a blog post schedule that I'll try to stick to this time. A new post will be out every Tuesday and Thursday. There might also be a Wednesday post called Wolfling Wednesday. I'm thinking it will be a one-time post about a specific run and what happens in it. If it is a long wolfling run, then I'll obviously post about it more then once.

Also, I've reinstalled my game. Before I did, I had to scroll through many, many pages of agents to find the one I wanted. I'm also hoping I fixed the random crashing when eggs hatched. So all of my old worlds are gone. This didn't hurt the CreatureLink world at all, since the Norns in there have long since died of old age.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

CreaturesLink Norns: Babies in Ainarda

While reinstalling my game, I found my old CreaturesLink folder. Quite a few have never been raised, so I deiced to group them up and blog about them. The first group had five members: Maude, Noeah, Jester, Pam, and Chimanga.Pam and Chimanga weren't Creaturelink Norns, and I added them so the world wasn't quite so empty.

Jester was an older Norn, so I imported Maude and Noeah first to even out the ages a bit. They were left in the Meso until they got they both got to the adolescence stage and nothing really happened. Noeah shivered a lot and Maude stuffed her face full of tubas.

Both of them eventually aged up and I put them in Ainardia. Maude immediately found the tubas when I put her down. Noeah had better things to do and danced with some mushrooms before eating them. When both were settled in, I added Chimanga to the group.

It was at this point that I realized that there was only one female, so I hatched a baby Siamese named Pam. Chimanga decided that the treehouse was a nicer place, and left the small group of Norns. Pam also decided to strike off on her own, and form her own one Norn band with a drum set. Noeah and Maude continued to stick together and I even heard the occasional kisspop from them.

Friday, January 16, 2015

A Dramatic Story! (Not Really)

(Preface: I've been cleaning and reorganizing my Creatures folder recently and I found this story in an old notepad file in between old genome ideas. It was written before the Stinger Norns were posted, so early 2013. I think I was deleting some old worlds, like I do, and got caught up in roleplaying my Creatures. Rare was my first GoM queen, and Balmora was, and still is, my favorite Grendel. I thought it was to neat to leave rotting on my computer, even if it is slightly terrible.)

Rare sends her people through the warp to a new spaceship, as the old one is sucked into a black hole. She will mourn this old ship or hers, but knows that there is a whole world out there for them.

The Mobula Ray sends out packed escape pods full of Norns to the reaches of space as a fire destroys it's interior. The spaceship will be fine after it rebuilds itself, but all that it was is lost. Each Norn population goes to a different planet. The bananas get dumped into C1, the blues get dumped into a strange aquatic land where they can breath, and the Peacock Norns get dumped into a place that time forgot.

The Banshee are there to take advantage of the situation and take quite a few of the escape pods hostage. At least half of the Creatures die on the way to their destination, and its left to the survivors to well survive.

The other ship under the Mobula, the Remora Ray, also sends it's creatures to another place, though they are luckier. Balmora herself is on this ship, and rides an escpae pod by herself to an alien world, full of Stinger Norns. One Stinger race lives a long time, and doesn't require as much food, the Anai. The others live less long and can't digest their food quite as effectively, they are the Rikori.

Monday, January 12, 2015

A New Mobula Ray

 Every once in a while I like to delete a few of my worlds and start over. My main world, usually called the Mobula Ray, is restarted every few months. Before I delete the world, I hatch and export any creatures. They either end up in my splicing folder, or get added into the new world. Why bring this up, you might be asking? Because I redid my main world a few days ago, and felt like it could make for an interesting blog post. Also there's a video of it, because why not? I was sort of brain dead when I recorded it so it's longer then I'd planned on. I probably won't write about these guys to much, just do an occasional update whenever anything interesting happens or when a new generation starts.

I didn't raise any aquatic creatures last year, and I've missed raising them. So most of this world is dedicated to amphibious creatures There's a part of the world for almost any sort of creature. Artema Sea is for my swimming creatures, Aquanornia and Past Seas are for my normal amphibious creatures, and Scielence Falls, and the Meso of course, are there in case I was to raise some normal creatures. The population limit is set to 30, and that's about how many I want to keep in this world. Otherwise it might start to lag quite a bit.

There's a small family of golden Chameleon Norns in Science Falls. My current goal with them is to get them to breed gold adults all of the time. Then there's my collection of purple Stingerish Crabish... Norn things. They were spliced from some old gait experiments of mine and some Stinger Norns. This didn't work out to well, and it took a few generations of splicing to get Norns that weren't utterly stupid. This current group seems fairly smart. Sootpad likes smacking everyone around though.

The "main attraction" of the world is Artemia Sea and my colortrue Mermaids. I've been slowly breeding out the green color from them, and have actually gotten quite a few gorgeous Norns from this current generation. They are quite a fertile bunch, and I've gotten over 50 eggs from a past generation. I've cut down this current group a bit, so maybe I can avoid hitting the egg limit for once.

The last, and most interesting for me, is my group of Grendels. I've called them Goat-eyed Grendels and they've actually inspired a breed that I'll get around to making eventually. These guys are nothing like my idea though. They are your average Grendel, slightly angry and pretty adorable. They were products of random splicing, and I'm fairly happy with the results. I'm a sucker for blue Creatures.