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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

2017s: Final Few

Disappointingly, the rest of the norns only had a few more minutes to live. After about ten minutes, the rest of the main group died. Minnow and Sculpin had a few more hours, but I decided not to write about them much. They continued to live in their hallway and only had one more egg before they died. I liked this group and was a little sad to see them die.

Speaking of which, I might as well give my thoughts on the genome and metaroom. I like some of the changes made to the genome, especially the redone nutrition system and plant/animal stim changes. I've even added a version of the stim changes to my own genomes. As of writing this though, a few people have had problems with the 2017 breeds. I didn't run into any problems I didn't cause myself. That was likely because I was distracted by documenting the norn's lives. I think I'll hold off on using them as a base genome until they're fixed.

The OLS ark, meanwhile, is really good for a metaroom mostly made from existing Creatures images. Some of the agents included with the room are rather adorable as well. It won't replace the rooms I usually use for wolfling runs. I can easily see myself using it when I don't feel like setting up a room. One thing I eventually want to try is to use the tunnels in it to connect different metarooms together and create a large, horribly complex network of metarooms.

As for the blog itself, I can't say when it will be back to regular updates. My various plans for blog posts haven't been working out and I'm quite tired of nurture worlds. I do have a few posts I wrote during the nurture world that I never posted. So when I do have a post, it'll be going up on Wednesdays.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

2017s: First deaths

When I unpaused the world, the first thing I noticed that everyone had entered the ancient/senile stage already. The second thing I noticed was that Caracal and Tiger had an egg on the way. Monogamy wasn't a big thing in this world, but Tiger had only had eggs with Puma up till then. Maybe in his newfound senility, he forgot who he was kisspopping. Or he was just being a regular norn. Either way, now it was only Minnow and Puma in Tiger's hallway... Lynx's hallway. Tiger died suddenly.

It was strange to see that since was only 4 hours and 55 minutes old. Norns usually die after 5 hours. He wasn't sick or hungry, so I could only assume that his previous organ damage really did cut his life short. While I was pondering Tiger's death, Puma and Lynx had another egg. Minnow had also moved away from the hallway and back into the volcano. The volcano area caused hotness, which could kill norns if they spent to long in there. So I kept an eye on her with the x-ray. Then Lynx dropped dead as well. Like Tiger, he didn't didn't die of old age and wasn't hungry or sick. Rather suspicious, I quickly hacked a script to make norns say their current levels of adipose tissue.

Number is the amount of adipose tissue
Like I thought, Lynx had died from being overly fat. I could only assume that Tiger died from the same thing. The next fattest norns were Puma and Sculpin, and both were, thankfully, under the amount that made a receptor fire. The 2017's, and some CFF genomes, have a receptor that damages an organ when adipose tissue gets high enough. The level is high enough that most norns won't die from it if they move around enough and eat right. Tiger never moved that much, and I could only assume that Lynx was the same way. So they died from a diet rich in fat and not moving. The rest were healthier, and had levels around 0.3 or 0.6 at  the highest.

Speaking of death, Minnow avoided her own. She eventually went back to the hallway, though I don't think she was in much danger. Usually hotness depleted a creature's water and killed them that way. Minnow's water level dropped, but never far enough that I was worried. I still kicked them out of the volano though. Why take the chance? Anyway, since Tiger and Lynx's death, no one had moved back down there. While Sculpin and Minnow had the whole place to themselves, they didn't do much. They just eat, sleep, and say how much they loved the other norns. I was hoping they would have a few more eggs before they went the way of Lynx and Tiger.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

2017s: Another Reunion

Simultaneous snoring
We had a natural reunion last time, and this time I decided to force one. Poor Minnow had been alone most of her life. She immediately went to Sculpin. Then she got overcrowded and ran into the volcano area. I think I upset the natural balance of the world by moving Minnow. After I did so the rest of the norns started hitting each other, even Tiger and Lynx. At least Scul[pin and Minnow remembered each other. I even heard a kisspop, though Minnow didn't get pregnant. They eventually fell asleep at the same time, and it was adorable. After that quick nap, they both had their first egg! It only took them 2 hours and me intervening to do so. At least they had one egg to contribute to the future wolfling run. Also three eggs were laid by the other females while all of this was happening, I just didn't feel like writing down who they were.

Then Puma found herself in Tiger's group again. I didn't know why she kept returning, but it was pretty adorable. Despite my best attempts, the world soon fell into a lull. Norns took naps and occasionally pushed or hit other norns, but nothing very noteworthy happened. Even when Ocelot and Lion had another egg, the only interesting thing was that she didn't go to the norn home. She had apparently gotten lazy in her old age! The other females quickly followed Ocelot and both Puma and Caracal had another egg. Tiger was the father of Puma's egg, much to my happiness. The world was still rather boring though. So much so that I found something else to do for a few minutes.

When I focused on the world again, Minnow and Sculpin were alone in the volcano and another egg had been laid by Caracal. After I took a screenshot of them, Minnow and Sculpin separated again. Minnow had apparently forgotten that eating critters and bugs reduced her hunger for starch, and kept complaining about it. I wasn't sure if that was one of my edits malfunctioning or just her being weird. I made a mental note to double check my edits anyway. While trying to get Minnow to eat, Caracal had apparently decided to join Tiger's group. Now the only norns in the main hallway were Bobcat, Lion, and Ocelot. Apparently, Tiger's hallway was a very popular place!