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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

2017s: Final Few

Disappointingly, the rest of the norns only had a few more minutes to live. After about ten minutes, the rest of the main group died. Minnow and Sculpin had a few more hours, but I decided not to write about them much. They continued to live in their hallway and only had one more egg before they died. I liked this group and was a little sad to see them die.

Speaking of which, I might as well give my thoughts on the genome and metaroom. I like some of the changes made to the genome, especially the redone nutrition system and plant/animal stim changes. I've even added a version of the stim changes to my own genomes. As of writing this though, a few people have had problems with the 2017 breeds. I didn't run into any problems I didn't cause myself. That was likely because I was distracted by documenting the norn's lives. I think I'll hold off on using them as a base genome until they're fixed.

The OLS ark, meanwhile, is really good for a metaroom mostly made from existing Creatures images. Some of the agents included with the room are rather adorable as well. It won't replace the rooms I usually use for wolfling runs. I can easily see myself using it when I don't feel like setting up a room. One thing I eventually want to try is to use the tunnels in it to connect different metarooms together and create a large, horribly complex network of metarooms.

As for the blog itself, I can't say when it will be back to regular updates. My various plans for blog posts haven't been working out and I'm quite tired of nurture worlds. I do have a few posts I wrote during the nurture world that I never posted. So when I do have a post, it'll be going up on Wednesdays.

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