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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Grendels: Flooded with babies

(I've somehow lost my screenshots for this post, so please enjoy some unused ones from the last post instead.) Last time, the grendels in Aquanornia had two children and I decided to look at some of their genomes. Fortunately for them, there weren't that many notable mutations. Unfortunately, two of the mutations they did have were major. Three of the gen 6 grendels, Bay, Cove, and Delta, had this mutation: (top file is the default Lavender Grendel genome and bottom is the mutated version)

554 Different in file 1  36   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 Eaten plant (77) causes sig=0 GS neu=0 int=0, ,,,192 => -31*Hunger for carbohydrate + -37*Hunger for fat + 13*Starch + 13*Fat
554 Different in file 2  36   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 Discomfort (76) causes sig=0 GS neu=0 int=0, ,,,192 => -31*Hunger for carbohydrate + -37*Hunger for fat + 13*Starch + 13*Fat

Instead of getting starch and fat from eating seeds, they got starch and fat when they felt discomfort. I'm not sure what triggers this stim, but I do know that these unlucky grendels no longer got anything from eating seeds. They do have other instincts that tell them to eat something else for starch or fat, but it's a terrible mutation to have in the gene pool. So I went into their genomes and changed the gene back to the proper stim. I don't think this will help them that much, but hopefully this will make sure the mutation doesn't pass on. Luckily, Loch and Lagoons parents were free from this mutation. Arroyo, their father, did have one interesting mutation though:

443 Different in file 1   9   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 I am sleeping (periodic) (22) causes sig=75 GS neu=0 int=0, ,Sensed even when asleep,,224 => -5*Sleepiness + -2*Crowded + -5*Tiredness + 2*Boredom
443 Different in file 2   9   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 I am sleeping (periodic) (22) causes sig=75 GS neu=0 int=0, ,Sensed even when asleep,,224 => -5*Sleepiness + -2*Crowded + -5*Sleepiness + 2*Boredom

Instead of this stimulus reducing tiredness, it reduces sleepiness instead. This likely made sleeping less effective for him, and have even made him more tired then the other grendels. I made a mental note to watch his tiredness closer from now on before unpausing the world.

! spotted the green apple and moved it back to it's hiding spot. No like/love loops for them if I could help it. Immediately after, Spring and Firth had their first child. Loch had apparently had enough of Balmora's terrible vibraphone playing and moved into the Oasis. While watching him there, I noticed Delta and Bay were quite hungry. I found Delta near the temple looking miserable and Bay desperately trying to eat the green apple to satisfy his hunger. So I took them to a separate room and taught them that food is good. Delta got it immediately, but Bay took a good minute of "eat food" before he actually ate food. Both looked much happier after they were done with their little lesson though.

Meanwhile the Aquanornia group had two more babies. The first one belonged to Arroyo and Gulf, and the second one belonged to Mere and Firth. Arroyo stayed put while Firth and Mere had enough of the other grendels pushy lifestyle. Mere moved up a level to take a nap while Firth explored the rest of Aquanornia. He even met Lagoon and Balmora on the top level. Lagoon had been trying to make friends with Balmora this whole time, and she actually succeeded! She and Balmora had probably bonded over their common interest in pushing things. Speaking of pushing, Mere, Spring, and Gulf all got pregnant around the same time. The Oasis group also had it's first pregnancy! Cove and Bay were the proud parents. A few seconds later and Puddle and Bay were expecting twins.

After a few minutes, Mere was pregnant yet again. Arroyo, Gulf, and Spring had also joined Mere in the middle of Aquanornia. Before I could watch them any further, Creek and Delta were expecting their first baby. Lagoon was also pregnant, with Firth being the father. Then Spring got pregnant. I was flooded with eggs at this point and was quite glad I had the population limit set to 13. If the 12 of them were this prolific, I really didn't need their children adding the chaos. At this point everyone, besides the two babies and Balmora, was around an hour and half old, and had an untold number of eggs. I was quite happy with how they were doing, but I knew was going to stop reporting every baby after this post. So many babies.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Grendels: Smooth Sailing

Between the calming waves in Oasis, and jazz music I had in the background, I nearly missed Puddle living up to her name. She was investigating the only puddle in the world. Entranced by the strange green apple, she stared at it for a few seconds before eating it. Amazed that the fruit didn't disappear when she at it, she stared at the camera and said "Puddle happy!" I didn't teach the grendels their vocabulary. This strange fruit had the horrible effect of teaching her Handish. She was quite happy about this, but I was slightly dreading the "love/hate" loops if some of the other grendels found the apple. Puddle was determined to keep her new treasure though, and tried to hide behind a flower. I let her keep it and checked on the other group.

The Aquanornia group were a close group of grendels, literally. They weren't as spread out at the Oasis group and were fond of pushing each other. Perhaps they had formed a Coralroot Club and were all gathering to celebrate the over abundance of them? Or maybe they were just fascinated by them because their instincts told them plants were entertaining. Either way, they all figured out that pushing each other was very entertaining. Soon Gulf and Arroyo were proud parents of the first egg! Followed by Mere and Arroyo. Arroyo was one of the gen 6 grendels, and I was curious if he had a mutation that made him more fertile. I wanted to check on the other group first.

Back with the Oasis group, things were going slightly terrible. I had forgotten to add a source of fruit for them, and two of them were very hungry. So I lured everyone into the pool with some fruit and added a few more fruit sources to their hut area. I also noticed that Cove was now an adult. Everyone was around the same age, so this meant that everyone would be an adult soon. This was a perfect time to hatch some babies and soon Loch and Lagoon were hatched. After double checking that they had air bubbles, I looked up a bunch of monikers and got to comparing.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Grendel-infested Waters

(Ignore the slight gap in the posts, my crop of cacti were infested by bugs and it always takes more time to squish them then you think it does.) First, here's an update on the Lavender Grendels from the Mobula Ray world. All but one of them died out and the one that survived, Etienne, survived because he was exported. So I hatched a bunch of first gens for him and watched over them carefully. I even rigged up some antibacterial spray to spray every so often. The grendels turned these into toys, but they still did wonderfully. By the time Etienne's generation died, they had 20 children! Etienne had 11 children while another male had 9. Why have I mentioned the grendels here? Because one of the Creatures Challenge over at the Discover Albia forum caught my eye around the time I was deciding what to do with all of these babies. I decided to create a summer-themed world just for them.

Summer to me means water, heat, and way too many insects everywhere. So I created an aquatic world... for terrestrial grendels. Normally this would end up with a load of dead grendels, but through the magic of magic words I could give these lucky grendels air bubbles so they didn't end up drowning. The rest of the world was setup like most of my pet worlds end up, overly decorated and easy to live in. Sadly, the world didn't have space for all 20 of the babies, so I chose 10 random grendels. I also went with the somewhat fitting theme of "random bodies of water" which meant names that went from Arroyo to Puddle.

I ended up with four males and 6 females, all of which seemed to get along with each other. Firth, Arroyo, Gulf, Spring, and Mere were in Aquanornia, while Puddle, Creek, Cove, Delta, and Bay were in the Oasis. Balmora was also taking a vacation there, but she was more interested in the Vibraphone them meeting her new neighbors. How well did the grendels settle in? Find out next time! For now, here's a list of most of the agents used in the world:

Oasis - Created by Liam and Moe. It needs a lot of work to get it habitable, but it's very pretty.
Aquanornia Revamped - Originally created by Jennie updated by Grendel Man. It's empty but it's very easy to turn into a livable space. I usually use it with Past Seas.

Aqua Toys - Created by Laura and TrellyDawn
Beach Ball - Created by Creatures Labs
C2 crabs - Created by AquaShee
Comfort Candles - Created by Jesseth and Kezune
Feuerling - Created by MK Grendel
Garden flower - Creatred by Mea and Grendel Man
GB: Butterfly - Created by Amaikokonut
MW: Air bubbles - Created by Amaikokonut
Muffin basket - Created by Ghosthande
Norndoll Bondi - Created by Ghosthande
Other butterflies - Created byTwilightCat
Oasis Shrimpton - Created by Moe, Ghosthande, and Grendel Man
Sea Garden pack - Created by Mean and Grendel Man
Star-spawn pushies - Created by Ghosthande
Sunflower - Created by Ghosthande
Survivor Radio - Created by Ghosthande
Sprinkler - Created by Geek2Nurse
Tea Time plants - Created by TwilightCat and Bug
Weather generator - Created by AquaShee
Vibraphone - Created by Apollo