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Sunday, December 6, 2015

CCSF 2015 Random Seasonal Run Numbers

The random events were adapted from Ferral's and Kezune's lists. Most of the events will only affect one team at a time, and maybe 1 individual from that team. I roll once to see which team is getting the event, roll again to get the event, and roll as needed if the event affects an individual or I need to randomly choose a location.

Random Team Numbers:
  1. Norns
  2. Ettins
  3. Grendels
Random Creature Numbers (everyone):

1. Dilo
2. Ziggy Stardust
3.  Vansu
4. Abrupt Quince
5. Agreeable Spark
6. Roy
7. Riptide
8. Loutish Dime
9. Sara
10. Milly
11. Violent Violet
12. Lomadia
13. Tinker
14. True Rose
15. Evangeline
16. Samia
17. Blaze
18. Courageous Spark

Random Creature Numbers (per team):

  1. Sara
  2. Lomadia
  3. Milly
  4. Dilo
  5. Ziggy Stardust
  6. Violent Violet
  1. True Rose
  2. Tinker
  3. Vansu
  4. Abrupt Quince
  5. Evangeline
  6. Agreeable Spark
  1. Roy
  2. Loutish Dime
  3. Riptide
  4. Samia
  5. Blaze
  6. Courageous Spark
Random place numbers:
  1. Ocean balcony
  2. Treehouse
  3. Under the treehouse
  4. Volcano cave
  5. Purple temple + caves
  6. Under the castle
  7. Pink Tree area
Random Events:
  1. Cursed is the Minority: The team with the lowest number of creatures has one of their members banished to the Meso.
  2. A Pox on you: A creature with the lowest drives is injected with a toxin from Kezune's list.
  3. Fatal Accident: Export the creature who has had the most children. If no one on the team has had children, then whoever looks the happiest/has the lowest drives gets exported.
  4. World-Breaker: Block off access to an area that isn't vital to migration.
  5. Idle Hands: Every toy in the team's immediate area is moved to another area.
  6. Not the Bees: Release a few stingers from the stinger pod.
  7. Dumbing Down: Remove the learning device. If it's already been removed, then randomly select a creature and turn off their ability to speak.
  8. Fruits of Temptation: Place 4 poisonous things next to a few randomly selected creatures.These poisonous things are labeled as mankey or detritus, to make it fair on the creature.
  9. Bah Humbug: All of the Christmas decorations are moved to the Meso.
  10. Solitary Confinement: Flip a coin, if heads a randomly selected creature is moved to an uninhabited area of the world with food in it and, if tails, a randomly selected creature is moved to an uninhabited area without food.
  11. Ticket to Hell: A randomly selected creature near a bunch of food is moved to an area with no food.
  12. Critter Cataclysm: A species of critter or bug is removed from the game, if there is one.
  13. Splice Experiment: One creature is made using the mini gene splicer. No creatures are killed, but one of the teams gets a free baby.
  14. Dimensional Wanderers: Offline portals are added to two random locations. If this event has already been rolled, then a new portal is added.
  15. Regroup: The randomly selected team is moved into the Meso.
  16. Matchmaker: A randomly selected male and female are moved to the Meso.
  17. Useless Trolling: All of the creatures in the selected team gets a random mark.
  18. Luck of the Draw: Select a random agent to add, regardless of whether it's good or bad.
  19. Hazel Thumb: Sprinkle 3 good and 3 bad plants near the selected team.
  20. Find-it: Inject 6 toys and randomly sprinkle them in a random area.
  21. Redistributing Wealth: A random creature from the selected team gets a portable item near them moved to a random location.
  22. Misplaced Christmas Present: Inject three random, portable agents and place them in the Meso, where no on gets to enjoy them.
  23. Critter Contribution: A new species of critter is added.
  24. Trading Places: Two randomly selected creatures from any team are swapped.
  25. Temporary Banishment: If there are any creatures in the meso, then they are moved to a randomly selected area in the main metaroom. 
  26. Alien Abduction: A randomly selected pair of creatures, from any team, are abducted and spliced with the inseminator. If both of them are male, then a randomly selected female is inseminated with the egg. The species of the baby determines which team the baby belongs to.
  27. Feed the masses: A food vendor is added to the most heavily populated area. 
  28. Heal the Sick: The creature from the randomly selected team that looks the most miserable is moved to a better area.
  29. Christmas Decorating: Randomly add some new Christmas decorations. If "Bah Humbug" was rolled previously, then the Christmas decorations are moved from the Meso to the main metaroom.
  30. Successful Rescues: Any creature, regardless of team, that is outside of the current seasonal area is moved back to safety.
  31. Pest Control: Trappers are added near any stinger nests. If there aren't any stinger nests, then a few trappers are added to random areas.
  32. Albian Expansion: An extra patch plant is added to the area where most of the creatures are. If "World Breaker" was prevuously rolled, then that area is unblocked.
  33. A visit from Santa: Every creature that doesn't have a toy near it gets one placed near it.
  34. Vocabulary Boost: If "Dumbing Down" was previously rolled, then the learning machine is added back. If It hasn't been rolled then another learning machine is added.
  35. Free Refills: Place a single-bite piece of food next to every creature on the randomly selected team.
  36. Fresh Blood: Each surviving team gets two randomly generated creatures.