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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Vokun the Vampyre

This week I've been reorganizing my Creatures folders and slowly finishing projects. While cleaning a folder out, I found my notes on an interesting vampyre grendel from my Mobula Ray world. Vokunruzfel, or Vokun for short, was born back in November in the old Mobula Ray world. Vampyre grendels can potentially live forever if they hit other creatures. Being hit reduces their lifespan though. So I was careful to make sure norns didn't hit him to often. Eventually I created a new Mobula Ray world and moved him into it. There he lived for an amazing 27 hours and died sometime in late April.

Also his name comes from an old version of the Dragon Autonamer that I was testing in the old Mobula Ray world. His name means "shadow then feral," and I think it suited him. He was a shadowy vampyre grendel who was left on his own near the end of his life.