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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Another Mobula Ray Update

Considering the large gap between the last update and this one, a small update is probably in order. I honestly don't feel like explaining what happened here, so I'll just say life got in the way and my interest in the games died for a couple of month. Real life has gotten somewhat better, and even if it hadn't, writing for this blog has always been enjoyable. So, as of this blog post going live, The Mobula Ray will likely be updated once or twice a week. I say likely because it really depends on how much editing I complete and how much I'm actually playing the game. Currently the only other world I have is a wolfling world, and writing about the same run every week would get old fast.

With that out of the way, I've reinstalled C3/DS recently. I finally got tired of waiting 5 minutes to import 1 Norn and decided to completely reinstall C3/DS. This has left me without any worlds to mess around in, so I decided to go with my old default of Mobula Ray. In case anyone is wondering, the old Mobula Ray ended up being a confusing whirlwind of hatching, naming, and exporting babies and trying, and failing, to keep up with a large population. It ended up being a confusing mess that was interesting to watch, but a pain to write about and so I stopped working on the world. It did teach me that I prefer blogging about worlds that have already reached some sort of end point.

Which brings me back to the new Mobula Ray world. The world setup isn't as complex as my usual one and it doesn't even have seasonal food sources. It's just a simple docked world with Norn Garden 1 and a few extra agents in it. Even the Creatures in it are gen 1s, with some CFF Stinger Norns in the Norn Terrarium, Lavender Grendels in the Jungle, a random assortment of Norns in Norngarden 1, and two default Ettins that hatched while creating the world. The only thing I've done differently is add familial marks to everyone, with the individual marks only being passed on by females.

Even with a simple setup, I had one interesting thing happen. The group of Grendels already had one of their gen 1 females die of disease, and she only had one descendant, little Isolda. The rest were descended from Sayo, who was much more fertile than the other Grendel was. Isolda had apparently had enough of the Jungle though! She decided to visit the Desert Terrarium and make friends with one of the local Ettins. In the other parts of the world, there were some happy Anai Stingers, which was nice to see considering I hadn't tested them that thoroughly yet. There was one main group of three, and one loner named Christian who decided to camp out near the Crypt. The group in the Norn Garden was also doing pretty well.

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