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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mobula Ray: Cacti and Ice Cream

I loaded up the world again and decided to add come cactus toys I created for a different world. While I was adding some cactus toys I've been messing around with to the Ettin Desert, a Stinger had another male baby. And then one female got pregnant again. I realized that I hadn't added the longer pregnancy to this Stinger genome and wrote down a reminder to fix that. Then I went back to adding cacti.

After I finished adding cacti, nothing really happened for a while. I was getting really bored of watching them until I remembered the ice cream machine and decided to make ice cream for everyone. It works like the quirky cookie maker, and it's always fun to see what mixes together. The main gaggle of Stingers weren't impressed by my creations, and ignored them. Another Stinger had joined Christian at the crypt, and he even grabbed the ice cream. I think the color confused him though, because he just danced around with it before taking a nap. The Norngarden gang were happier to see them and one female immediately took a bite. Isolda was also happy to see them and ate one before I could take a screenshot. The Grendels in the Jungle weren't interested either and were more interested in practicing their crowded dance.

When I went back to check on my Stingers, I found Christian with a different Stinger, Miai, and they had apparently fallen in love. And two more babies had been born, two females. Both of them were from Ditte, who was a baby making machine. She alone had possibly secured the next generation for the Stingers, barring any plagues. Considering I was curing any sick Norns, plagues weren't very likely. The Norngarden gang had only had a grand total of one baby, and weren't looking so good. The Grendels were doing slightly better, with quite a few second gens. All in all, everything looked pretty good.

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  1. Longer pregnancy genes are practically a necessity in C3/DS. I still get a little surprised by the frequency, especially when compared to C1! Hopefully everyone will get the hang of the ice cream machine and realize how awesome it is. Sounds like everything is going well in your world, and it's great to see this new update!