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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Grendels: Eldritch Enchantments

Last time at the Lavender Grendel's pool party, I was flooded with eggs and the group was doing well. This time I started up the world and was surprised to see Balmora away from her vibraphone. Apparently four was a crowd and she had moved on to pushing plants. Also the grendels on the top of Aquanoria occasionally broke the laws of physics and teleported to the picnic table. They were either very interested in the teapot in the background, or they were a bit to big for the area. Either way, Balmora's wonderful vibraphone concerts had given way to plushie squeaks and kisspopping parties. Or maybe they were driven to madness by Mere constantly squeaking her star-spawn plushie. Despite slowly going mad, everyone was healthy.

Even the Oasis group was doing well. They weren't breaking any laws of physics, and the rain wasn't dampening their spirits any. With the new fruit sources, they didn't have to move around as much. So they were content to stay in their separate groups. Then suddenly Mere died. She had apparently been so entranced by the eldritch plushie that she forgot to eat. She didn't have any hunger on the hoverdoc, but the Lavender Grendels had some Gizmo genes in them. Even 10 minutes without food was potentially deadly for them. I gave her a parting tickle before turned my attention to the new baby.

Because Mere died, one of Puddle and Bay's babies hatched. Little Ocean immediately went down a level and turned on the sprinkler. She didn't know what to think of the water droplets and watched them for a while before heading to the forbidden fruit puddle. She took a bite of it and said that she was happy. Fortunately for her, this forbidden fruit just taught her vocabulary. Ocean eventually settled down for a nap and I hid the apple again. After her nap, she set off to look for her treasure. She took a wrong turn though and ended up with her parents. I made sure she had her air bubbles before going back to the Aquanornia group.

It was quieter there... almost. Firth and Spring were fond of kisspoping until they fell asleep. The world was at the egg limit though, so no new eggs would be laid until someone else died. I was hoping that would be far off into the future though. I was fond of this group of grendels, even if some did worship eldritch plushies until they starved to death.

Monday, October 24, 2016


I'd like to blame the Starbound 1.0 update and Skyrim for the gap in posting. I've been playing Creatures a bit, if tinkering with caos and splicing norns counts as playing. I just haven't been in the mood to document anything. I did leave a certain grendel world in the middle of a generation though, and those posts will be going up every Wednesday until I run out of them. There aren't that many left, which brings me to my next point...

This blog is probably going to be random for a while. I have one thing I'd like to write about, but it still needs a lot of work. So I'm just going to write about what ever random thing I'm doing in the games at the time or some weird things I've done in the past few months. I'll save all of that for the actual posts though. For now I'll just leave a screenshot from my Skyrim game bugging out. I didn't install a texture pack properly and got this lovely image:

Everything was missing a texture!
Everything was missing a texture!