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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Random updates

I was on a roll with the blog posts, and then it fell off a cliff. So let's see if I can't write a few posts and maybe avoid a month long gap. It's also a good excuse to shake off the rust and to show off what ever little progress I've made.

The wolfling run I'm doing for the CCSF is safely nearing it's end. I'v decided to end it when they hit gen 600, and that isn't to far away. The Norns in it are probably dumb as rocks, but the original Norns weren't spectacularly smart either. They also had a weird stimulus mutation where they would get antigen 7 when hit by another Norn. All of the Norns had dead muscles and were limping everywhere. So I decided to fix the mutation and the fixed genome in to the vast backlog of eggs. Maybe it will work, though I have my doubts.

Speaking of which, the genome I've been working on for the CCSF might not be done in time. I wanted it to be CFF, so I decided to convert the Banshees to CFF. I successfully convert it once, only to realize I had saved over the Grendel with another Norn genome somehow. After reconverting them a second time, someone posted a CFF Banshee the same day. I decided to keep working on my conversion though, and I'm morphing it into what I want. Hopefully I get it done in time for the CCSF.

I will have a stupidly complex toy for the CCSF though. I found a clock sprite while digging around in C2's sprite folder a while ago and decided to make a toy out of it. And so I did. It has two states, broken and working. When it's hit, it's considered broken and won't loop the animation. So in the very least, I will have a toy agent and a pack of dumb Norns for the adoption sampler.