Finding certain Creatures links can be a pain, and some of them aren't even online anymore. So I created a page to concentrate them all in one place. Most of them focus on C3/DS development because those are the sorts of links I use the most. The others are links to interesting sites or blogs. If a link is broken, please comment and I'll fix it.

Last updated: Eventually?

Beginners Guides:

Installing C3/DS
Getting Started with C2
File types for all of the games

Interesting pages/blog posts:

Ghosthande's dev things
C3/DS Edible Critters and Bugs list

C1/C2 Links:

geNorNics (C1/C2 genetic site)

C3/DS Genetic Resources:

Pigment Genes
Creatures Caves genetic resource list
On Creaturely Inbreeding (Neurons and Receptors)

C3/DS Caos Resources:

Caos Documentation
Creating a Metaroom
C3/DS Room Types
Creatures Caves caos resource list
Introduction to Boolean Logic
Garden Box plants vs regular plants
Noun, Verb and Drive IDs
Hungry Critter Tutorial 
Dealing with interrupted subroutines

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