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Recommended C3/DS Patches and Agents

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Recommended C3/DS Patches and Agents

I meant to post this yesterday but underestimated the sheer amount of formatting. Anyway, between updating an old agent and releasing a new one, I finally finished reinstalling C3/DS. While reinstalling, I also put together a list of agent I installed and backed them up for later. After I realized just how many agents I had found links for, I decided to turn it into a blog post. I should probably mention that my particular play style features a lot of metaroom customization and third party downloads. Depending on how you play the game, you might not find this list useful. If nothing else, I hope the list of patches/fixes is helpful. Finding some of them can be a real pain.


Everyone's least favorite thing about reinstalling, finding every single patch and trying to remember which ones to install and in which order. I recommend coping your fresh /working installation before trying these patches or updates. Besides for one case, the ones listed here shouldn't cause the game to crash but it's better to be safe then sorry. That one case is the Edible, Squishable Balloon Bugs. It conflicts with the Minor Fixes pack and requires the Meerk Update. Without the Meerk Update, the ettin seed bank will throw an error.


  • Bacteria nerf patch: This makes bacteria less deadly. Great for most worlds though not for Toxic worlds.
  • Creature DoneTo Scripts: This reduces the like/dislike loops creatures sometimes get into. Not a necccicary patch, but one that might interest some.
  • Updated Breeding Script: An updated breeding script that lets creatures of the same sex or different species interact more positively. It was available on the Virtual Heaven site, but isn't in the archive of the site.


  • C3 Fungi Update: A minor change to the Jungle Terrarium mushrooms that makes more seeds appear. It's a fix I like having in my game, but not a essential one.
  • Creatures 3 map display patch: A fix that makes the C3 map actually usable. Not essential for some but it is for me.
  • Creatures 3 cloud patch: A fix that makes clouds less buggy. Not exactly essential but a nice one to have.
  • Creatures 3 apple patch: Less of a fix and more of a separate version of the C3 apples. I haven't tried it yet but it might be worth adding.
  • Creatures 3 map patch: An update for the C3 that makes a few changes to the map.
  • Edible, Squishable Balloon Bug: An update for the balloon bugs that makes them edible and makes a few changes to the ettin seed bank. Requires the Meerk Update below to not throw an error.
  • Meerk Update: Makes a few changes to the Meerk, like being edible and fixing the 'dead meerk in norn terrarium' bug.
  • Minor Fixes: A bunch of fixes for various agents. Some are essential fixes, like the mosquito. Others, like the lift one, are up to personal opinion.
  • Rhino Beetle Respawn: A script that respawns rhino beetles. If you forgot rhino beetles were in the game, you probably need this script.
  • Woodland Fix Pack: A bunch of fixes for the Norn Terrarium that help stop everything from dying out. Probably the most essential patch.


  • Medicinal Snotrock: Makes the snotrocks edible and interactable. Not essential, but good to have.
  • Modified HLM: It makes creatures only able to use the Holistic Learning Machine once. You'll probably want this patch.
  • Wolf Control Fix: This fixes a problem in the Wolf Control that rarely makes it crash. Sometime necessary, though I've run the game without it for years.
  • Advanced Muco: Makes Muco much easier to use. If you download anything from this list, make it this one.
  • Faster agent injector: Makes injecting agents faster. Less of a fix and more of an annoyance reducer. Highly recommended though.
  • Bramboo Fix: Fixes an issue with the bramboo where it could slow down worlds after a while. Essential.
  • DS elevator Fix: Lets DS elevators carry adult grendels. Probably essential.
  • Umbilical Fix: Fixes the umbilical by changing it from elevator to a door. Probably essential.
  • Photo Fix: Fixes an issue that made the game not take pictures when a creature died. Not essential, but recommended.
  • Snap out of it! or Brainfarter: Both agents help keep creatures from dying from Eat Elevator Syndrome. Brainfarter is older and more tested. Snap out of it is more refined, if less tested. I recommend getting one of these.
  • Silent Muco: No more gurgling Muco! Absolutely essential for me though maybe not for some.
  • New DS Elevators: Removes the yellow monkey from the top of the DS elevators. Doesn't conflict with the DS Elevator fix.

Genetic Breeds

I might make a genetic breed list at some point, but not this time. Instead, this is just a list of the major genetic breeds out there. I'm fond of calling them base genomes because most genetic breeds are based off of one of them. Use this link here to help you decide which one to choose. It's probably worth noting that the link doesn't include the 2017 Creatures.

Sprite Breeds

These are breeds that include new sprites. I've only listed the ones I added back into my game. If they aren't labeled as CFE or CFF, that means they probably use the original genomes. I've also listed CFE and CFF versions when I know they exist.


I expect everyone has their favorite toy agents already. So I've just listed a few of the quirkier ones.

  • Aqua Toys: Interesting toys that move around in the water.
  • Lamppost: Toys that emit light when turned on and act as decent decorations.
  • Dodgeball: Dodgeballs for creatures. You know you need these in your game.
  • Norn Plushies: Gadgets that are perfect toys for grendels.


The plants here are all food-producing plants that are good at not dying out when packs of hungry creatures attack. Not all Garden Box plants are listed here but most of them are decent agents. The one's listed here are the ones I use the most.

  • Amethyst Berry Bush: Fruit that cause CFF-based creatures to hallucinate. They grow in the Norn Terrarium.
  • Botanoid: An interesting plant that grows in places other plants don't. An older agent, but a good one.
  • DS Super Food Vendor: Technically a vendor but I mainly use it for the five or so varieties of plant that grow out of the food it vends.
  • Classic Cacti: Cacti imported from C2 and grow in the Ettin Terrarium.
  • Coconot:  Strange coconuts that sometimes spawn little crabs. They grow in the Ocean Terrarium.
  • Garden Box Carrots: Carrots imported from C3/DS. A good agent, there's just not much to comment on.
  • Garden Box Bouncing Plums: Plums that bounce around everywhere and are surprisingly fun to watch.
  • Garden Box Gumin Grass and Sponges: Lumping these three together because they're all imported from C3/DS and some of the only aquatic plants for the Garden Box.
  • Garden Box Mushrooms: Mushrooms imported from C3/DS. Like the carrots, they're good just not very interesting to comment on.
  • Grow Control Plant: A plant that produces fruit, even underwater. It also allows regular creatures to breath underwater if they're nearby.
  • Lemon pot: Lemons that grow in a pot and have antihistamines in them.
  • Oasis Anemones: An oceanic plant that produces seeds and sometimes turns into a purple weed. The tinted version can lag some computers.
  • Sea Garden Pack: More water-based plants that grow in salt water. One of the few sources of fruit and food for aquatic creatures.
  • Water Weed: A nice looking water-based plant that grows in fresh water.


The animals here are all edible and interactable. Much like the plants, most of them aren't Garden Box agents. Though in this case it's because there aren't many animals for the Garden Box. Also more edible animals can be found here.

  • Balloon Pigeons: Flying critters that are good at not dying out.
  • Biodome Object Pack: A pack of animals and plants though I mainly download it for the animals. Check the comments though. Some of the agents in the pack are buggy.
  • Crabs: Edible crabs imported from Creatures 2. The adults are classified as beasts, so there's less of a chance creatures wipe out the population.
  • Feuerling: A firey butterfly that radiate warmth. Doesn't include a removal script but a decent agent despite that.
  • Frogs: Aquatic animals that were imported from C2.
  • Garden Box Butterflies: Garden Box version of the butterflies from C3. They make hissing noises when creatures push them.
  • Garden Box Albian Snails and Albian Glow Worms: A garden box patch plant that produces nocturnal glow worms and diurnal snails. They're probably my favorite bug agent.
  • Garden Box Aquamites: An aquatic bug created by the Garden Box.
  • Oasis Shrimpton: Aquatic bugs that end up in most of my aquatic worlds.
  • Okiron, Lensis, and Inkras Butterflies: Three types of butterflies that spawn in the Meso. If you know how to edit Caos files, it's fairly easy to get them to spawn in other metarooms. (Also there's a tutorial for that.)
  • Stinger Honeycomb: An agent that makes stinger nests produce honey when disturbed. It gives them another use besides a hazard for creatures to deal with.


These are all things mainly build for the user and are uninteractable and invisible to creatures. One or two of them aren't.

  • Autovocab: Teaches everyone in the world their vocabulary every so often.
  • CAev: Cellular Automata vendor: A useful tool for adding CAs to metarooms that don't have any.
  • Comfort Candles: Adorable and moveable home smell emitters that aren't invisible to creatures. Very useful for setting up other metarooms. 
  • Creature Nametags: An agent that adds name tags to creatures.
  • Creature Remote Control: An interesting tool that lets you control a creatures mind. It also tells you what a creature is thinking.
  • Creature Counter V.2: A tool that shows how many creatures are in the world.
  • Eggernator: An invaluable tool that lets you do many things. I usually end up storing spliced norns in it though.
  • Export Door: This makes the door from the Hub to the Meso export creatures. Great if you're IQ testing some creatures.
  • Garden Box: A tool that lets you add decorations, patches of plants, and generally changes the way you decorate/populate worlds forever. Tracking down downloads for it can be annoying. So I'll eventually be posting a list of Garden Box add ons here or on CCaves.
  • Inseminator: An agent that basically lets you splice creatures without killing them. Very useful for crossbreeding creatures or just messing around with breeds.
  • Mass Exporter: An agent that lets you export creatures of a certain species all at once. Very useful in some scenarios.
  • Medical Monitor: A tool that tells you if any creatures are sick and what they're sick with.
  • Norn Statistics: A tool that tells you how many creatures are in the world and various things about them.
  • Protective Tub Autonamer: Probably the most popular autonamer besides the one that comes with DS.
  • Population Control Panel: A tool that gives you more options on how to manage a wolfling run.
  • Wolfling Run Autonamer: An autonamer that is designed more for wolfling runs then actual names.
  • Roamer: An old but good agent that helps keep down bacteria by spraying them.
  • Supersplicer: A splicer that works very well despite it's sprites. It also lets you control how often mutations appear by chaning the numbers in the top-right.
  • Sound Emitter: My own agent that lets you add customizable sounds where ever you want.
  • Toys-Out: This keeps toys out of the Norn Terrarium pond. Invaluable if your tired of your creatures drowning.
  • X-ray: A tool that displays the organ health or chemical levels of the currently selected creature. Not as accurate as the Biochemistry set, but it also doesn't require leaving the game.

Gadgets, Vendors, Movers...

Aka most of the other agent types. There is some logic to it though. All of these are agents creatures can interact with or are meant to go along with connectable agents.

  • Classic Cheese Vendor: A vendor imported from C2 that vends C2 cheese.
  • Dummy Portal: An agent that gives the same stimulus for the old warp portals but doesn't move them around. Good for small worlds where you don't want to use the Offline Portals.
  • DS Connective Agent Pack: This just lets you inject the connectable agents from C3 into undocked DS worlds.
  • DS Vocabulizer: A connectable agent that teaches all of the creatures in the world their vocabulary. Only useful if you don't want something like Autovocab to teach vocab all the time.
  • DS Timer: A connectable gadget that sends singal every so often. Only useful when connected to other gadgets.
  • DS Egg Finder Advanced: A connectable gadget that collects eggs from the world. I mainly use it in some sort of egg finding contraption.
  • Elevator vendor: I mean it's not an essential agent but who wouldn't want to eat an elevator?
  • Elevines: Elevators that you control. Extremely useful when customizing metarooms since a few of them have terrible elevators. Needs CA links to work properly.
  • Extension Cord & Beeper: Connectable agents that let you extend your gadget's signal or just make a noise when a signal passes through. Slightly pointless, but I like them anyway.
  • Norn Home Teleporter: A gadget that teleports creatures to the Norn Home/Norn Terrarium.
  • Interporter: A door agent with some interesting functions. Like most third-party door agents, it doesn't work for everyone. I've had some luck with it but others haven't. It might be worth trying the Torii or Archways out if the Interporter doesn't work for you.
  • Offline Warp Portals: Portals that allow your creatures to travel through them and into other parts of the world. Useful, if a somewhat depressing reminder of how long the DS servers have been dead.
  • Sleeping Trap: An interesting gadget that I haven't found a practical use for yet. It's here because I'll forget about it otherwise.
  • Tuba Seeder: A vendor that vends tubas.Useful for planting tubas in other rooms.
  • Wolfling Vendor: A vendor that lets you customize what it vends.


If I didn't know where to put something, it ended up here.

  • Bypass Import Cloning: A script that lets you bypass the clone/rename prompt. I've had this installed long enough that I forgot it was even a thing.
  • Creatures 3 hard mode: An interesting idea that supposedly makes C3 harder. Something I haven't tried out yet, but eventually will.
  • Critter and Bug Smells: My own agent that gives critters and bugs a smell to help creatures navigate to them. 
  • Creature Crossbreeding: A script that lets grendels, ettins, and norns breed with each other.
  • Grettin Toggle: An agent that let's you toggler the ability to select and interact with grendels and ettins.
  • Hands Off: An agent that let's you toggle the ability to pick up creatures. Probably not useful for most people, but it's worth mentioning.
  • Magic Words: I'm grouping all of these together because otherwise I'd be listing all but one of them. Most of them are useful and Magic Words Room Edits is probably the one I use the most. The only useless one is the random contact, and that's only because the DS servers are dead.
  • Muco: Live Creature Update: Lets you toggle if Muco creatures eggs or live babies. Useful if you're impatient about eggs hatching.
  • No Hand Holding: An agent that lets you toggle hand holding. Probably not useful for most people, but it's worth mentioning.
  • Peaceful Death: A script that lets you pick up dead creatures, tickle them, and stops other creatures from seeing and interactive with them. I always have this installed.
  • Pilla's Improved Favplaces: An agent that lets you move around the favorite places icons.
  • New Toy Smell: An agent that gives toys their own smell to help creatures find them.
  • Pick-up Cheat: A cheat for C3 that lets you activate powerups on your own. Sometimes you just don't want to find all of the pickups.
  • Swimming Agent V3: An agent that lets some aquatic creatures swim around. Invaluable for aquatic creatures.
  • Teaching Update: A neat agent that lets you teach what ever words you want for creatures. I don't recommend using it with the Magic Words teaching.
  • No Seasonal Gender Bias: A script that helps balance creatures genders. Very useful for wolfling runs.


  1. This is an amazing list!

  2. Thank you for this list! There are some things on here I hadn't seen before. :D

    1. Your welcome! I'm glad I could introduce you to some new agents.