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Friday, January 16, 2015

A Dramatic Story! (Not Really)

(Preface: I've been cleaning and reorganizing my Creatures folder recently and I found this story in an old notepad file in between old genome ideas. It was written before the Stinger Norns were posted, so early 2013. I think I was deleting some old worlds, like I do, and got caught up in roleplaying my Creatures. Rare was my first GoM queen, and Balmora was, and still is, my favorite Grendel. I thought it was to neat to leave rotting on my computer, even if it is slightly terrible.)

Rare sends her people through the warp to a new spaceship, as the old one is sucked into a black hole. She will mourn this old ship or hers, but knows that there is a whole world out there for them.

The Mobula Ray sends out packed escape pods full of Norns to the reaches of space as a fire destroys it's interior. The spaceship will be fine after it rebuilds itself, but all that it was is lost. Each Norn population goes to a different planet. The bananas get dumped into C1, the blues get dumped into a strange aquatic land where they can breath, and the Peacock Norns get dumped into a place that time forgot.

The Banshee are there to take advantage of the situation and take quite a few of the escape pods hostage. At least half of the Creatures die on the way to their destination, and its left to the survivors to well survive.

The other ship under the Mobula, the Remora Ray, also sends it's creatures to another place, though they are luckier. Balmora herself is on this ship, and rides an escpae pod by herself to an alien world, full of Stinger Norns. One Stinger race lives a long time, and doesn't require as much food, the Anai. The others live less long and can't digest their food quite as effectively, they are the Rikori.

Monday, January 12, 2015

A New Mobula Ray

 Every once in a while I like to delete a few of my worlds and start over. My main world, usually called the Mobula Ray, is restarted every few months. Before I delete the world, I hatch and export any creatures. They either end up in my splicing folder, or get added into the new world. Why bring this up, you might be asking? Because I redid my main world a few days ago, and felt like it could make for an interesting blog post. Also there's a video of it, because why not? I was sort of brain dead when I recorded it so it's longer then I'd planned on. I probably won't write about these guys to much, just do an occasional update whenever anything interesting happens or when a new generation starts.

I didn't raise any aquatic creatures last year, and I've missed raising them. So most of this world is dedicated to amphibious creatures There's a part of the world for almost any sort of creature. Artema Sea is for my swimming creatures, Aquanornia and Past Seas are for my normal amphibious creatures, and Scielence Falls, and the Meso of course, are there in case I was to raise some normal creatures. The population limit is set to 30, and that's about how many I want to keep in this world. Otherwise it might start to lag quite a bit.

There's a small family of golden Chameleon Norns in Science Falls. My current goal with them is to get them to breed gold adults all of the time. Then there's my collection of purple Stingerish Crabish... Norn things. They were spliced from some old gait experiments of mine and some Stinger Norns. This didn't work out to well, and it took a few generations of splicing to get Norns that weren't utterly stupid. This current group seems fairly smart. Sootpad likes smacking everyone around though.

The "main attraction" of the world is Artemia Sea and my colortrue Mermaids. I've been slowly breeding out the green color from them, and have actually gotten quite a few gorgeous Norns from this current generation. They are quite a fertile bunch, and I've gotten over 50 eggs from a past generation. I've cut down this current group a bit, so maybe I can avoid hitting the egg limit for once.

The last, and most interesting for me, is my group of Grendels. I've called them Goat-eyed Grendels and they've actually inspired a breed that I'll get around to making eventually. These guys are nothing like my idea though. They are your average Grendel, slightly angry and pretty adorable. They were products of random splicing, and I'm fairly happy with the results. I'm a sucker for blue Creatures.