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Recommended C3/DS Patches and Agents


This is just a page for all of my downloads. I've created a few agents and breeds over the years, but most of them are adoptions. Most of the breeds and adoptions are CFE or CFF. Their download page should say which one they are. Another list of them can be found on my Creatures Wiki page.

And I might as well put a general usage statement here:
  • You are always free to modify the coding from my agents for learning purposes.
  • If you have questions about an agent or find a bug, you can: pm KittyTikara (aka me) on Creatures Cave, leave a comment on one of the download pages, or send an email to KittyTikara at yahoo dot com.
  • If you wish to distribute a modified version of them, check to make sure there isn't a different artist for the sprites. If there is, check with the spriter. If the sprites are from Creatures Labs or me, feel free to distribute your modified version. All I ask is you credit me in a readme.
  • If an agent is a modified version of someone else's agent, I ask that you follow their rules and credit them instead of me.
  • And if all of the hosts for my agents go down, you are free to put my agents, breeds, and adoptions up for download as long as you include the readme.

Last updated: June 6th, 2019


C1 Inspired Eggs: A simple image replacer for Creatures 3/DS eggs to make them look like the eggs from Creatures 1. Remember to backup your original egg image first! Sprites were made by Creatures Labs and modified by me.

C2 Cacti: Toys, plants, and weeds that have the cacti sprites from C2. You can click on them to change their sprite and shift-click to lock it into that sprite. If you want C2 cacti that actually grow, I recommend the Classic Cacti. Sprites were made by Creatures Labs and modified by me.

Critter and Bug Smells: An agent that gives critters and bugs a smell to help creatures find them easier. Sprites were made by Creatures Labs.

Dragon Autonamer: A modified version of the Protective Tub autonamer. It gives creatures names like Keizaalosbrit (Skyrim is beautiful) or Odkodaav (Snow bear). Not the most practical autonamer, but I like it. Sprites from Creatures Labs.

Halloween Agent Pack: A pack of agents that include: a pumpkin toy, a set of brooms that act like doors, a Halloween flag, a candy corn trellis, a wrapped candy trellis, and a potion cauldron. Probably my favorite agents I've made. Sprites were made by Spykkie.

Modified Yule Lights: Lights modified from an old C3 agent. Comes different colors and different color pasterns, like blinking and chaser lights. Sprites were made by Creatures Labs and modified by me.

Sound Emitters: Agents that are created from a console and emit sounds. Also have another kind of sound emitter that can be customized by editing a catalogue. Sprites were made by Doringo.

Shee Clock: A clock toy made from a C2 sprite. It doesn't keep time but it is rather pretty. It's also the first agent I released. Sprites were made by Creatures Labs.

Missing agents from CCSF 2017 and 2018 and alternate download links will be added at some point this year. Hopefully CCaves isn't gone for good.


Anai and Rikori Stinger Norns: A Stinger-eating breed that's technically two breeds. The Anai Stingers are a long-lived breed that's based on the CFE Gizmos. They will die if they don't eat enough food and have a long pregnancy. The Rikori Stingers are your average CFE Norns, and are more robust then the Anai. Both have a minor problem where they sometimes can't find food because stingers, critters, and bugs don't have CAs.

Astro Tetras: An aquatic breed that's really only notable for the swim bladder organ. The organ is designed to make an aquatic female's egg laying go faster. There's a few mistakes or questionable edits in their genome, with the main one being they can't die from being hit. They are the next breed to be redone. Also they are CFE.

Cattle Norns: Two breeds designed to be a food source for the GoM breeds. One of them is supposed to live forever and is immune to being slapped. It actually lives for 14 hours, which is still a long time. The other one is meant to breed a lot and be fed to a GoM population as a "treat." They are probably CFE.

Graveyard Gargoyles: My first breed in nearly 2 years, and a fairly simple one. They are amphibious, immune to fear, live slightly longer, and don't shiver when cold. Also they are my first released CFF breed.

Locust Ettins: My first breed ever, and my only Ettin breed. They eat a lot, breed a lot, and were meant to eat up a whole metaroom. I think I designed them to annoy people on the Warp, but I never sent any out. They are probably not CFE.

Snowbound Norns: A cold-dependent Norn that does best with a constant source of cold.If they start sneezing or coughing, then move them somewhere colder. They are CFE Gizmos



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