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Friday, March 31, 2017

The blog is alive!

I didn't have a fitting picture, so here's SimEarth instead.
The Creatures blogosphere is somewhat dead at the moment, so let's see if I can change that by posting. Starting next week I'll have a regular Wednesday post for at least a month. Most of the posts are going to be about a nurture world I started while taking a break from my seemingly endless Stinger Norn tests. I've also been considering branching out into writing about other Creaturey things like ripping apart some of my cos files or documenting my ever constant struggles with genetics. So there might be a few random posts here or there.

The blog itself has also been updated somewhat. I finally tweaked the Mobula Ray's layout a bit and gave it a new background. There's also two new pages for my downloads and a links page. The downloads page is slightly out of date, and the links page is completely empty for now. (Both will be updated eventually.) I've also redone some of the tags since a few posts didn't have tags and I figured why not.

I suppose I should post an update about my projects I wrote about during the CCSF as well. The Simpler Hoverdoc is basically finished and, hopefully, bug-free. I ended up with two versions of it: one that follows the currently selected norn and one that you can attach to multiple norns. In my own play-testing I've found that I use both of them for different things. The first one is good for wolfling runs or worlds with autotab in them. The second one is good when I want to monitor more then one norn in any sort of world. It's currently waiting on me to get un-lazy and send it to a few people for some final testing.

The other major projects from that CCSF post were two genomes, a swimming ettin breed and an update to the Stinger Norns. I worked on the ettin breed a bit but forgot to write down what changes each of the different versions had. So it's on the back burner until I get bored enough to sort through the different version. Meanwhile the Stinger Norn update is going.. very, very slowly. The base genomes have been finished for months now, but I've run into some trouble with the first sub-breed I tried making. I'll save that for another post though.

For now I'll end this update by saying that I started a Mobula Ray Tumblr thing months and months ago. I have no idea why I created it, but it's become the occasional dumping spot for large screenshots that didn't end up on the blog or other random Creatures pictures. And that's pretty much it.