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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What's old is new again

My oldest feral run is coming to an end and I just feel like rambling about it for a bit. I've been running if off and on since 2014ish under different names. They used to be called Wuta Norns, then they went nameless for a few hundred generations, and now I've started calling the Akorith Norns. The main reason for the various names (besides realizing Wuta is a terrible name) is that the current norns don't have a lot in common with the old ones besides generation count. The Wutas were CFE while the Akoriths are CFF. To be fair, they were converted during their nameless phase in 2015, not recently. Getting them from CFE to CFF was a pain, to put it mildly.

The current norns, the Akoriths, have their own base genome I've slowly tinkered with while the run was going on. They're a nice purple, carnivorous norn that's somehow gained some Stinger Norn traits. I can't remember why I added those, but those genes are firmly established in the run now. Some of the later genes I added didn't get passed on though. Combine that with a lot of mutations, and they aren't very similar to their base genome anymore. They breed very well and seem like quite competent little norns. They can even navigate at birth instead of childhood!

The world they're in is a seasonal wolfling run set in the Desert Ruins and C3toDS Ettin Terrarium. Unlike some of my worlds, it isn't amazingly decorated and the few decorations it does have are just there to put patch plants on. Both of them have had their agents stripped out so the norns migrate properly. Speaking of which, the migration path they go on works amazingly well. The top of Desert Ruins is their home in spring and fall and the bottom of it is their home in the winter. The Ettin Terrarium is their home in the fall. As for the eggs, they are transported into the Workshop by an egg finder. From there the babies only have to get to the Meso to be teleported to the spring/fall area. So the babies have a good chance of being teleported into an area with food.

To wrap up this meandering post, my oldest feral run is slowly coming to and end. It's had many names, but its final name is likely going to be Akorith Norns. Their base genome is a weird mix of last minute additions and most of the norns aren't even similar to the latest version of it. Plus the world they're in works well. All in all, I'm happy to see the run end at generation 1,000.

Friday, June 17, 2016

22k Problems but a Norn isn't one

Like I said in the last post, I was trying to create a new seasonal migration world for my wolfling run. It has a desert theme, and the only additional metarooms were the Desert Ruins and Ettin Terrarium. I also added in a few other agents and seasonal garden box patches. I thought it looked nice, but wanted to make sure it was actually habitable. So I hatched a few random Norns and turned on fast ticks. When I came back, the world was super slow. I freaked out a bit before I remembered the magic profiler and frame rater.I opened the frame rater up first and learned that I had over 22,000 agents in the world! I then let the profiler run in hopes of learning why my world was being over run with agents..

What came back surprised me: there were 22,683 grazer wastes in my world. I quickly removed them all with some Caos magic and the world sped up. I don't know what caused it, but I'm happy to say the world has been fine ever since.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Desert-themed Agents

I've decided to take a slight detour for a week or two and post a few things I never got around to posting earlier this year. I created a list of desert-themed agents list for a wolfling run months ago, and figured others might be interested. So here's a list for anyone one wanting to create a desert-themed world. Admittedly, some of them barely fit the theme.

Desert-themed metarooms:
C3toDS Ettin Desert by Emmental
Desert Ruins by Allekha and Mea
Freedom Room by Ghosthande
Lost Caves by Bifrost, Moe, and Liam 
Monturrarium (CA emitters patch) by Chaos Development

Desert/Brown Breeds
Dustdevil Grendels by Ghosthande
Fire Norns by Tafgana
Bruin Norns by Creatures Labs
Fallow Norns by Creatures Labs
Magma Norns by Creatures Labs
Wood Norns by Creatures Labs

Desert-themed critters/plants:
GB Playful Gnarlers by Amai
Dustdevil object pack by ghosthade
Balloon Bugs by Creatures Labs
Uglees by Creatures Labs

Vaguely Desertish things
C1 and C2 Arches for Garden Box by C1anddsaddict
C1 Roofs for Garden Box by C1anddsaddict
C1 Ettin Temple for Garden Box by C1anddsaddict
Feuerling by Marcus K.
Garden Box Fences by C1anddsaddict and Mea
Genie Lamp by Ghosthande 
Sacred Dragon Skull by chocosaurus and ylukyun
Sunny by angelneko
Sprinkler by Geek2Nurse
Stone Lamp by Marcus K.
Steam Rock by Bug and TwilightCat
Terraka Weed by Sent and Liam

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mobula Ray: The End

I was unfortunately correct last week, the Lavender Grendels were doomed. Two of the gen 2 females died soon after died. With their deaths, that meant there were five grendels, two ettins (both of which were female and amazingly still alive), and 25 Norns with most of those being Stingers. The move to the Meso had proven to be mixed. The Norns were even more slap happy, but that didn't seem to stop them from producing two more eggs. Speaking of Ettins, Uda, was still in the desert and was nearly five hours and 30 minutes old. The other Ettin, Pinquana was in the Norn Terrarium and doing fairly well. And not a minute later, another gen 2 Grendel named Pen died.

Pretty soon Uda and Pinquana both died of old age.After they did, the whole world started dying. First it was the last gen 2 Grendel died, a male named Lutwin. After his death, the Norn Garden gang started dying off one after another. Then a gen 2 female named Ezura who died of starvation. Ditte and Christian were next and died of old age at 5 hours and 39 minutes. While there were a couple of first gens left, I decided that to stop there.

This turned into one of my favorite worlds in a while, and it all started with one Grendel named Isolda who wanted to see what was in the desert. Besides posting posting what happened to her descendants, this is probably it for this world. It's a lovely world, but there's a few other things I'm working on at the moment. (Plus the Stinger Norns have taken over and I'm out of things to write about them.)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mobula Ray: Grendel Trouble

After attempting to cure a plague of histamine and giving up, I regretted making the Jungle such a hot spot. If old age didn't kill these creatures, the bacteria in the Jungle would. Old age claimed a life first, though. Antonio, the first gen male Grendel, was the first to die around 4 hours and 38 minutes. Since my world was at the population limit, a little gen 5 male grendel hatched. Not a second later, an old gen 1 male Stinger Norn died of starvation. This left the Norn Terrarium group without a male, though there were two or three in the Jungle. Even the stinger baby who hatched was female.

Amusingly, my norn home smell emitter was still active and confusing Norns. A female Stinger named Kanako decided to lay her egg in the Ark's hallway. She really didn't know what to do with herself. She picked up her egg, tried to hit it, but ended up dancing around with a teacup. The newest Grendel joined her for a while before traveling to the Desert. He was the latest member of the Grendel group to make that journey, with Isolda being the first.

While watching the Grendel, one of the gen 1 Stingers, Miai, died. She died of starvation in the Jungle, which had more then enough food. A little stinger male hatched, and I moved him into the Norn Terrarium. And then Tsiyi died of apparently nothing. He wasn't old, diseased, or starving. Living in the Jungle might have gotten to him though. He was one of the sicker ones when the histamine plague hit. I then noticed that there weren't any Grendel eggs.

Slightly worried for my favorite group of creatures in this world, I decided to export the latest baby, just in case the whole population died out. All of the Grendels were older then an hour, and a decent amount of the were in the old stage or higher. There were two or three Grendels still below old age though. I also moved the Jungle Stingers to the Meso, since the Grendels and Norns were getting into little slap-fights here and there. To both breeds credit, neither side had killed one another yet, they just didn't like each other very much.