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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Desert-themed Agents

I've decided to take a slight detour for a week or two and post a few things I never got around to posting earlier this year. I created a list of desert-themed agents list for a wolfling run months ago, and figured others might be interested. So here's a list for anyone one wanting to create a desert-themed world. Admittedly, some of them barely fit the theme.

Desert-themed metarooms:
C3toDS Ettin Desert by Emmental
Desert Ruins by Allekha and Mea
Freedom Room by Ghosthande
Lost Caves by Bifrost, Moe, and Liam 
Monturrarium (CA emitters patch) by Chaos Development

Desert/Brown Breeds
Dustdevil Grendels by Ghosthande
Fire Norns by Tafgana
Bruin Norns by Creatures Labs
Fallow Norns by Creatures Labs
Magma Norns by Creatures Labs
Wood Norns by Creatures Labs

Desert-themed critters/plants:
GB Playful Gnarlers by Amai
Dustdevil object pack by ghosthade
Balloon Bugs by Creatures Labs
Uglees by Creatures Labs

Vaguely Desertish things
C1 and C2 Arches for Garden Box by C1anddsaddict
C1 Roofs for Garden Box by C1anddsaddict
C1 Ettin Temple for Garden Box by C1anddsaddict
Feuerling by Marcus K.
Garden Box Fences by C1anddsaddict and Mea
Genie Lamp by Ghosthande 
Sacred Dragon Skull by chocosaurus and ylukyun
Sunny by angelneko
Sprinkler by Geek2Nurse
Stone Lamp by Marcus K.
Steam Rock by Bug and TwilightCat
Terraka Weed by Sent and Liam


  1. This is such a neat list! I'm flattered my little gnarlers made the cut :> Do you think you'll do more themed lists/worlds in the future?

    1. If I can find enough agents to make a list, there will definitely be a few more lists.