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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mobula Ray: The End

I was unfortunately correct last week, the Lavender Grendels were doomed. Two of the gen 2 females died soon after died. With their deaths, that meant there were five grendels, two ettins (both of which were female and amazingly still alive), and 25 Norns with most of those being Stingers. The move to the Meso had proven to be mixed. The Norns were even more slap happy, but that didn't seem to stop them from producing two more eggs. Speaking of Ettins, Uda, was still in the desert and was nearly five hours and 30 minutes old. The other Ettin, Pinquana was in the Norn Terrarium and doing fairly well. And not a minute later, another gen 2 Grendel named Pen died.

Pretty soon Uda and Pinquana both died of old age.After they did, the whole world started dying. First it was the last gen 2 Grendel died, a male named Lutwin. After his death, the Norn Garden gang started dying off one after another. Then a gen 2 female named Ezura who died of starvation. Ditte and Christian were next and died of old age at 5 hours and 39 minutes. While there were a couple of first gens left, I decided that to stop there.

This turned into one of my favorite worlds in a while, and it all started with one Grendel named Isolda who wanted to see what was in the desert. Besides posting posting what happened to her descendants, this is probably it for this world. It's a lovely world, but there's a few other things I'm working on at the moment. (Plus the Stinger Norns have taken over and I'm out of things to write about them.)

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  1. All worlds must come to an end, but it's always fun to see how far one can go! Plus it's always awesome when you manage to find something you truly enjoy. As much as I tend to gravitate more towards C1 than DS, the posts about this world made me want to start something new in C3/DS at some point soon. Hopefully you'll have the same sort of enjoyment out of your next world!