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Friday, September 18, 2015

An Eggciting Egg Finding Machine

Guess who's wolfling run is doing well for once? My wolfling run hasn't died out in nearly 40 generations, even with population controls exporting the old Norns and a weird egg finder set up. I think moving them into a simpler seasonal migration world is what did the trick. The run is quite boring now, so I'll just write about my egg finder setup instead!

During another wofling run, I noticed the older eggs weren't hatching. I'd find generation 10 eggs mixed in with my generation 20+ eggs and that annoyed me. So I rigged up an egg finder to a timer, and made sure the older eggs would hatch first. It worked surprisingly well.

Basically what happens is the egg finder picks up all of the eggs and sorts them from oldest to newest. Since the newest eggs are in the water, they don't hatch. This makes the older eggs hatch a bit quicker, and means you won't have old eggs laying around anymore. The fireplace is actually a portable incubator, like the Meso's heat pan, and makes sure the older eggs hatch faster. The lavaball is just there to teleport the babies into the main metaroom.

It works quite well, but has one slightly annoying side effect. Your generation count isn't going to go up very fast with this egg finder set up, especially if your creatures are prolific breeders. It basically forces every egg to hatch in order, so it takes a while for one generation to finally end. So maybe it's not great for every run.

Agent links:
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Fireplace (it's under December 15th)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Absolutely Terrible

These are the most stupidest Norns I have ever seen. If they aren't sitting around complaining of hunger, surrounded by food I might add, then they are obsessed with toys. Not only that they can't even get through a basic IQ test. I've restarted this run three times since I last blogged about them. So I gave up on them.

Well, I gave up on that group to be exact. Instead of splicing them, for the millionth time, I started over with the old wolfling run Norns and a slightly tweaked CFF genome. This time I was more careful who I chose to splice further, running each batch of splices through an IQ test. I also ended up scrapping the world they were in, and moving them to a simpler world. It worked out in the end though. As of today, the run is still alive. Hopefully it stays that way!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Failed Wolfling Run

The wolfling run I started in the last blog post has failed. A seasonal migration world is apparently to hard for these Norns, even though their ancestors survived in another seasonal world. I've tried restarting it by cloning the Norns, but it eventually dies out. I think what happened was they weren't breeding enough to keep the population up. Some Norns died every time the season changes when they had to migrate. Unfortunately, the population was terrible at breeding and died out.

If it wasn't for three eggs and two dead Norns I found and cloned, the run probably would have ended right there... I don't think I can call this a wolfling run or even a feral run at this point. It's just a giant mess of high gen Norns and terrible genetics. It's been a lot of fun until now, with weird Norns with 1.6k genes and a population of Norns somehow existing on the edge of extinction for like 10 generations. So much fun, in fact, that I decided to continue it in some way.

So I cloned and spliced the remaining Norns with the CFF Marsh and Alien breeds. They were probably going to die out again, but at least they were colorful.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Weird Splicing Result

So I have a habit of running a yearly wolfling run for a few months leading up to the CCSF. This year is actually a continuation from last year's run, the Wuta Norns. Instead of continuing with just those Norns though, I decided to splice them with some CFF breeds (that way I have some nice CFFish Norns, and I get to piggyback on my old generation count.) Almost all of them were healthy, but a few of them had some weird... problems. Four or so Norns didn't act normal, like the old CFF Bondi Norns. They couldn't focus on anything and just walked around. One poor Norn couldn't wake itself up.

The weirdest one has to be the fast-ager I spliced. It's the tragic sort of fast-ager to, the one that dies within a minute or two. The gene compare for it was:

 196 New in file 1  12   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   1 Initial concentration of Life is 255.
 197 New in file 2  12   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 Initial concentration of Life is 255

From what I can tell, with my somewhat rusty genetic skills, the life concentration is set to only be active for Norns of the #1 variation. Without that initial amount of life, they just age up and die. If a Norn was from the 1 variant, then they would be fine. They could pass on the mutation though, and possibly kill most of their future children. Needless to say, this Norn wasn't added to my wolfling run's gene pool.