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Friday, September 18, 2015

An Eggciting Egg Finding Machine

Guess who's wolfling run is doing well for once? My wolfling run hasn't died out in nearly 40 generations, even with population controls exporting the old Norns and a weird egg finder set up. I think moving them into a simpler seasonal migration world is what did the trick. The run is quite boring now, so I'll just write about my egg finder setup instead!

During another wofling run, I noticed the older eggs weren't hatching. I'd find generation 10 eggs mixed in with my generation 20+ eggs and that annoyed me. So I rigged up an egg finder to a timer, and made sure the older eggs would hatch first. It worked surprisingly well.

Basically what happens is the egg finder picks up all of the eggs and sorts them from oldest to newest. Since the newest eggs are in the water, they don't hatch. This makes the older eggs hatch a bit quicker, and means you won't have old eggs laying around anymore. The fireplace is actually a portable incubator, like the Meso's heat pan, and makes sure the older eggs hatch faster. The lavaball is just there to teleport the babies into the main metaroom.

It works quite well, but has one slightly annoying side effect. Your generation count isn't going to go up very fast with this egg finder set up, especially if your creatures are prolific breeders. It basically forces every egg to hatch in order, so it takes a while for one generation to finally end. So maybe it's not great for every run.

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1 comment:

  1. Love the egg finder setup. I'm jealous I hadn't tried something like this sooner. :P

    Also, I'm happy to see you updating your blog! This is going to be another regular stop when I make my rounds, so I hope you keep writing! :)