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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Failed Wolfling Run

The wolfling run I started in the last blog post has failed. A seasonal migration world is apparently to hard for these Norns, even though their ancestors survived in another seasonal world. I've tried restarting it by cloning the Norns, but it eventually dies out. I think what happened was they weren't breeding enough to keep the population up. Some Norns died every time the season changes when they had to migrate. Unfortunately, the population was terrible at breeding and died out.

If it wasn't for three eggs and two dead Norns I found and cloned, the run probably would have ended right there... I don't think I can call this a wolfling run or even a feral run at this point. It's just a giant mess of high gen Norns and terrible genetics. It's been a lot of fun until now, with weird Norns with 1.6k genes and a population of Norns somehow existing on the edge of extinction for like 10 generations. So much fun, in fact, that I decided to continue it in some way.

So I cloned and spliced the remaining Norns with the CFF Marsh and Alien breeds. They were probably going to die out again, but at least they were colorful.

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