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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Weird Splicing Result

So I have a habit of running a yearly wolfling run for a few months leading up to the CCSF. This year is actually a continuation from last year's run, the Wuta Norns. Instead of continuing with just those Norns though, I decided to splice them with some CFF breeds (that way I have some nice CFFish Norns, and I get to piggyback on my old generation count.) Almost all of them were healthy, but a few of them had some weird... problems. Four or so Norns didn't act normal, like the old CFF Bondi Norns. They couldn't focus on anything and just walked around. One poor Norn couldn't wake itself up.

The weirdest one has to be the fast-ager I spliced. It's the tragic sort of fast-ager to, the one that dies within a minute or two. The gene compare for it was:

 196 New in file 1  12   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   1 Initial concentration of Life is 255.
 197 New in file 2  12   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 Initial concentration of Life is 255

From what I can tell, with my somewhat rusty genetic skills, the life concentration is set to only be active for Norns of the #1 variation. Without that initial amount of life, they just age up and die. If a Norn was from the 1 variant, then they would be fine. They could pass on the mutation though, and possibly kill most of their future children. Needless to say, this Norn wasn't added to my wolfling run's gene pool.

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