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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Download: Sound Emitter

I noticed while playing in the Oasis metaroom that rooms with background noises were more relaxing. So, with some sprites from Doringo, I created this agent to fill other metarooms with noise. There are two parts to it: the console and the actual sound emitters. The console creates sound emitters and also toggles if they're shown or hidden. The middle part of it lets you type in the sound you want a sound emitter the play.

The sound emitters themselves have a play/pause button, let you toggle how frequently they play the sound, and a button to delete the sound emitter. The sound emitters created by the console only play one sound, but an additional agent in this pack lets you play multiple sounds. They're also fairly easy to customize just by changing a catalogue file around. Other then that, they work like the regular sound emitters do.

There are a few quirks with this agent though. The console only accepts four characters for the sound's name and both sound emitter types only play sounds with four characters in their names. The game only plays sounds like that, so not much I can do there. If you create a sound emitter with a sound that doesn't exist and try to play it, the emitter will either disappear or spit out a "Sound file missing" error. This shows up in sound emitters created by the console and the customizable ones.

Here's a Creatures Caves download and an alternative download.

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