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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Grendel-infested Waters

(Ignore the slight gap in the posts, my crop of cacti were infested by bugs and it always takes more time to squish them then you think it does.) First, here's an update on the Lavender Grendels from the Mobula Ray world. All but one of them died out and the one that survived, Etienne, survived because he was exported. So I hatched a bunch of first gens for him and watched over them carefully. I even rigged up some antibacterial spray to spray every so often. The grendels turned these into toys, but they still did wonderfully. By the time Etienne's generation died, they had 20 children! Etienne had 11 children while another male had 9. Why have I mentioned the grendels here? Because one of the Creatures Challenge over at the Discover Albia forum caught my eye around the time I was deciding what to do with all of these babies. I decided to create a summer-themed world just for them.

Summer to me means water, heat, and way too many insects everywhere. So I created an aquatic world... for terrestrial grendels. Normally this would end up with a load of dead grendels, but through the magic of magic words I could give these lucky grendels air bubbles so they didn't end up drowning. The rest of the world was setup like most of my pet worlds end up, overly decorated and easy to live in. Sadly, the world didn't have space for all 20 of the babies, so I chose 10 random grendels. I also went with the somewhat fitting theme of "random bodies of water" which meant names that went from Arroyo to Puddle.

I ended up with four males and 6 females, all of which seemed to get along with each other. Firth, Arroyo, Gulf, Spring, and Mere were in Aquanornia, while Puddle, Creek, Cove, Delta, and Bay were in the Oasis. Balmora was also taking a vacation there, but she was more interested in the Vibraphone them meeting her new neighbors. How well did the grendels settle in? Find out next time! For now, here's a list of most of the agents used in the world:

Oasis - Created by Liam and Moe. It needs a lot of work to get it habitable, but it's very pretty.
Aquanornia Revamped - Originally created by Jennie updated by Grendel Man. It's empty but it's very easy to turn into a livable space. I usually use it with Past Seas.

Aqua Toys - Created by Laura and TrellyDawn
Beach Ball - Created by Creatures Labs
C2 crabs - Created by AquaShee
Comfort Candles - Created by Jesseth and Kezune
Feuerling - Created by MK Grendel
Garden flower - Creatred by Mea and Grendel Man
GB: Butterfly - Created by Amaikokonut
MW: Air bubbles - Created by Amaikokonut
Muffin basket - Created by Ghosthande
Norndoll Bondi - Created by Ghosthande
Other butterflies - Created byTwilightCat
Oasis Shrimpton - Created by Moe, Ghosthande, and Grendel Man
Sea Garden pack - Created by Mean and Grendel Man
Star-spawn pushies - Created by Ghosthande
Sunflower - Created by Ghosthande
Survivor Radio - Created by Ghosthande
Sprinkler - Created by Geek2Nurse
Tea Time plants - Created by TwilightCat and Bug
Weather generator - Created by AquaShee
Vibraphone - Created by Apollo


  1. What a lovely world you have there! I forgot all about the Magic Words Air Bubbles, which opens up a lot of possibilities. I'm excited to see how these Grendels get on in such a wonderfully colorful and cheery summery world. Good luck with them!

    1. Thanks! I was really happy when I remembered the Air Bubbbles. The world would be much more deadly without them.

  2. I always forget how utterly beautiful the Oasis metaroom is. Themed worlds are so delightful; I wish I could find the time to participate in this challenge.

    1. It really is a gorgeous metaroom. It's just a shame it's a terrible metaroom for swimming creatures. The underwater caves cause a lot of problems for them.