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Friday, July 8, 2016

Grendels: Smooth Sailing

Between the calming waves in Oasis, and jazz music I had in the background, I nearly missed Puddle living up to her name. She was investigating the only puddle in the world. Entranced by the strange green apple, she stared at it for a few seconds before eating it. Amazed that the fruit didn't disappear when she at it, she stared at the camera and said "Puddle happy!" I didn't teach the grendels their vocabulary. This strange fruit had the horrible effect of teaching her Handish. She was quite happy about this, but I was slightly dreading the "love/hate" loops if some of the other grendels found the apple. Puddle was determined to keep her new treasure though, and tried to hide behind a flower. I let her keep it and checked on the other group.

The Aquanornia group were a close group of grendels, literally. They weren't as spread out at the Oasis group and were fond of pushing each other. Perhaps they had formed a Coralroot Club and were all gathering to celebrate the over abundance of them? Or maybe they were just fascinated by them because their instincts told them plants were entertaining. Either way, they all figured out that pushing each other was very entertaining. Soon Gulf and Arroyo were proud parents of the first egg! Followed by Mere and Arroyo. Arroyo was one of the gen 6 grendels, and I was curious if he had a mutation that made him more fertile. I wanted to check on the other group first.

Back with the Oasis group, things were going slightly terrible. I had forgotten to add a source of fruit for them, and two of them were very hungry. So I lured everyone into the pool with some fruit and added a few more fruit sources to their hut area. I also noticed that Cove was now an adult. Everyone was around the same age, so this meant that everyone would be an adult soon. This was a perfect time to hatch some babies and soon Loch and Lagoon were hatched. After double checking that they had air bubbles, I looked up a bunch of monikers and got to comparing.


  1. This naming scheme is just so adorable, I love it. Puddle is easily my favorite!

    Hmm, if you don't mind me asking, do you find the constant presence of the air bubbles intrusive at all? I always wonder if it would be better if I made them only occasionally visible, flickering in and out every few seconds, or maybe if I just made them smaller? Or maybe instead of being visible above the creatures, making them only visible on the creatures's portrait in the topleft? Heh, not to clutter your blog with my musings, but if you have any feedback I would be open to it :>

    1. This is probably better suited for a pm or something, but I don't mind. The bubbles are like the nametags, they annoyed me at first. Then I got used to them and filter them out most of the time. The bubbles do occasionally get in the way though, and they might be better if they were a little smaller or only visible if they're underwater. I don't think making them only visible on the creature's portrait is a good idea. It would make them less annoying, but it also means I can't know for sure they weren't going to drown without selecting them. If I hadn't have tested this world on some norns first, I wouldn't have put my grendels in there. I was slightly paranoid about them randomly drowning.

    2. Good points, thank you :> I'll keep those things in mind. I think at the very least I'll add an option to have them be smaller at some point.