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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mobula World Update

kt temple
I was at a loss for Creaturey things to blog about this week besides Stinger Norns, so I created a new Mobula Ray world! The last Mobula world was set up to take care of aquatic Creatures, but it died when I reinstalled Creatures. I realized I haven't used KT in quite a while. So I made a world added some decorations and plants to it, as well as adding CA links. I also added Primordia to the world for a bit more space.

Honestly though, KT hasn't aged as gracefully as some metarooms.  It's not quite as pretty as Ainarda, but it does have magic spells. I would have used a few of them when making the room, but I lost my notes on them. I remember what certain spells do, but not how to cast them. So I'll figure them out some other time.

I also used the random Creatures game generator to generate some sort of challenge for myself. I decided on a slightly random combination of: using a silly naming scheme, exporting Creatures who have more then two eggs, adding two new Creatures when the population becomes homogenous, giving all of my starting creatures backstories, and never pick up my grendels. I'll also be randomizing the sprites and tints of the starting Norns, for that added bit of randomness. So look forward to that next week.

cute norn chasing bird

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