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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Creatureslink: The End

The small group was starting to get really old at this point. Jester had already died at the ripe old age of 5 hours and 39 minutes though, and had quite quite a few descendants. So he certainly made up for his shorter time in the world. Chimanga and Pam had reached old age, and Maude had gone senile.

Out of curiosity, I plucked Chimanga from his castle and put him next to Pam. He promptly took a nap and Pam didn't even pay attention to him. I didn't know what would happen, but I certainly didn't expect that! Eventually, Chimanga deiced he liked Maude better, and those two stuck around each other for the most part. (By that I mean they slept a lot.)

Chimanga surprised me again by having a baby. I wasn't paying attention at the time, and she hatched. Chimanga was holding the egg shell and kissing his daughter. No sooner had that egg disappeared, Chimanga got Pam pregnant. She laid her egg and it was swiftly put away before it hatched.

Not to long after that, Maude died of old age. I deiced to stop writing down what happened after that, and just let Pam and Chimanga live in peace. Pam was the last one to die, and she had my full attention before she went.

Overall, I will miss this group. Chimanga stole my heart (and most of my attention), and Jester, despite his name. was a surprisingly serious Norn. Maude has as many eggs as she could manage, and Pam was very aloof. The final egg count was 20 with 17 of those being Maude's. Sadly some of Noeah's children had genetic problems and one of them was stillborn. Combining that with their father's early death, I didn't feel right uploading many of his babies. So only half of those were uploaded to Creatures Caves...

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  1. I know how it is with the end of a group of Norns! Seems like the last ones don't have much to do towards the end, and it's better to let them do whatever they like. Older Norns in C3/DS really are pretty, although I haven't ever gotten to the point of enjoying them that much. I'm glad that this group from CreatureLink was a good one for you! Always nice to have some Norns mixed in who have lots of personality. And then there are others who are just... Norns, passing through life without much to say. Ha!