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Thursday, May 21, 2015

CreatureLink: Getting older

Everyone was starting to get old. Jester was now 4 hours old, Noeah and Maude were two and a half hours old, Pam was nearly 2 hours old, and poor Chimanga was also 2 and a half hours old. This didn't slow them down though. Jester and Noeah fathered two eggs each. Everyone was happily stuffing their faces full of food. Jester soon felt crowded though, and slapped a Noeah a few times. He then danced around everybody for a while, and everything went back to normal.

Until Noeah died... He hadn't been sick, and I couldn't find anything weird in his genome. He just up and died. Maude was the first one to notice, and all she wanted were the seeds around him. Jester and Pam were on the other side of the metaroom at the time.

With Noeah gone, I figured there wouldn't be much left to the world, as far as breeding went. Jester was 4 and a half hours old, and Chimanga was still in his treehouse. So the only young male around was still embracing his inner cat and ruling the treehouse.

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