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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wolflings: The Last Feral Run

This is the first Wolfling Wensday post and there probably isn't going to be much to these posts. They will be long and possibly boring. (Today's post is actually quite a bit shorter then the original notes...) Anyway, before I uninstalled my game, I deiced to run one last feral run on the old installation. I chose some random breeds, spliced them together, and threw them in an aquatic world. After 100 hours passed, I would end the run. I didn't take to many screenshots of the world, but I did stream the first five hours of the run.

The breeds used were mostly aquatic breeds like Reef Glider, Astro Tetras, and some amphibious CFF 0.8 Norns. Some others included the Unique Bruin, Bengal, and Civet Norns and the Felis Norns. As well as an Anai Stinger genome I forgot I even made. Metarooms used were Norn garden 4 (yes I did the charity thing to get it), Past seas, Silence falls, and Norn terrarium to DS. Very few additional agents were used, just the C2Crabs, water weeds, goldfish, and crobsters.

Splicing aquatic Norns with normal Norns means some can't breath under water. So it's no surprise that 7 died out of the original 24 Norns. I later spliced 6 additional Norns for the run and 3 of those Norns drown as well. I didn't have the underwater egg hatching patch, so I rigged up an egg finder, timer, and incubator to help the eggs hatch.

2 or so died from hunger in the first hour and about 6 extra eggs were born. After 3 or so hours I deiced to kill some Norns that were laying around starving. I didn't want them breeding to much, and there was a huge backlog of eggs anyway. At 3 hours the dominant traits were legless Norns and very good breeding. There were quite a few nice blue and green Norns and the Aqua Norn head seemed very common, along with the aqua Norn tail.

30 or so hours into the run, most of that was spent in fast ticks, I noticed they were breeding in the Norn Terrarium and not venturing out into the rest of the world. Turns out some smart Norn had transplanted two mushroom plants into the Norn Terrarium at some point. Those mushrooms provided all of the food a Norn needs, so I removed them to make the run harder. I also set up interporters in some rooms instead of their original doors.

At 58 hours, the run was still doing really well. The Norns were still surviving well into old age, even with the occasional starving Norn purge. The whole population seems to be surviving because of sheer numbers, and not because they were actually good at finding food. It was either because they were legless, or because I kept killing the starving ones. Plus gait mutations were starting to get really bad. I exported one poor Norn earlier that kept walking backwards when approaching objects.

At 60 hours, I added the population control agent. I set it so export Norns after having 6 babies, and to keep then infertile if they weren't adults. Old Norns were left alone. I temporarily set it on "export lowest gens" and export old Norns to clear some space for new babies. After all of that, I decried to leave the run alone.

Then not much happened until the run hit 101 hours. I ended the run, and exported the Norns. I lost the Norns from this run when I reinstalled the game though. So there isn't much to show after all of this, just some notes. It was a fun run though.

Random observations about the run:
- Gait/pose mutations are still as annoying as I remember them being.
- Might be worth doing a wolfling run or two to see if poses or gaits have the worst impact, or if there's no difference. One population gets gait mutations and not pose mutations. The Other gets poses mutations, but not gait mutations.
- Smart Norns are really hard to breed... if they exist at all.
- The incubator + egg finder combo makes wolfling runs go slower, but it does mean no egg gets skipped. It also destroys a populations ability to separate and do the whole "small populations evolving separately" thing. Might be useful for certain wolfling runs though.
- I really need to find a way to discourage over population in my runs or discourage breeding. Only way I can think of right now is by changing genomes, but I'd rather have an agent do it.

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