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Thursday, May 14, 2015

CreatureLink: Chimanga's treehouse

Pam had the time of her life just playing with bugs and toys. Chimanga was still embracing his inner cat, and claiming the treehouse as his own. Noeah and Maude had moved into a warm-looking cave, though Noeah was still shivering quite a bit. I added a steam rock to the cave, hoping that it would help him out somewhat. I think it worked to well, since they immediately kisspoped and had their first baby!

Maude was a proud mother, and decided to take a nap near her egg. She and Noeah turned into adults soon afterwards and celebrated with another egg. Pam eventually had enough of the bugs and slowly made her way to the main group. Everyone was happy and took good care of themselves. Everyone except Chimanga.

Being stuck in a treehouse had done a number on his brain, I think. He kept forgetting what toys did, even though he was surrounded by them. He thought staring at food or toys was more entertaining rather than playing with them. He did eat occasionally, but I often found
him complaining of hunger. I eventually gave up on him, and let him do his own thing.


  1. It's great to see you posting again! I'm glad CreatureLink has worked so well for you. I was sad to give up that project, yet it's nice to see that it's continuing on in your world like this. I forgot how pretty Ainarda is... Now I feel like I want to try it out one of these days again! Hopefully Chimanga gets his act together soon. Seems like there's always that one Creature who just has to upset the balance and cause problems. Ha! Good luck with all of them!

    1. Thanks! You should try Ainarda out sometime. It's a bit empty, but it's also become on of my favorite metarooms. Plus it's one of the few with an underwater and land part to it.

      I won't spoil what happens to Chimanga, but this isn't the end for him. This group was, overall. an interesting one. You'd think a small group of Norns would be drama free, but no. They find ways to get in trouble. :P