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Monday, May 25, 2015

World Tour: The Pacific Coast

I've been on a CreatureLink spree recently. Grendel Man uploaded two new Grendels to CreatureLink semi-recently and I grabbed one. I decided not to follow her life to closely, but instead show off the world she spent her life in. Plus if I ever reuse this world for the blog, which is entirely possible, I can just link to this post. At the end of the post is a list of the metarooms and agents used.

The name comes from the CreatureLink Grendel I adopted, Pacific, and it's a fairly basic world. It's just Aquanornia and Past Seas linked together with doors (and CA links.) There's enough food for everyone, and quite a few critters and bugs swimming around for everyone to eat. Most of the Grendels tend to stay in Aquanornia, probably because of the comfort candles there. It's meant to be a basic, easy world to live in. Pacific and her band of Grendels had 36 eggs in the world, so I think the world works quite nicely.
Agents used:
Sea Pen
Comfort candle
Norn Plushie
The rest of the plants and animals were from Past Seas

Metarooms used:
Past Seas

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