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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

CreaturesLink Norns: Babies in Ainarda

While reinstalling my game, I found my old CreaturesLink folder. Quite a few have never been raised, so I deiced to group them up and blog about them. The first group had five members: Maude, Noeah, Jester, Pam, and Chimanga.Pam and Chimanga weren't Creaturelink Norns, and I added them so the world wasn't quite so empty.

Jester was an older Norn, so I imported Maude and Noeah first to even out the ages a bit. They were left in the Meso until they got they both got to the adolescence stage and nothing really happened. Noeah shivered a lot and Maude stuffed her face full of tubas.

Both of them eventually aged up and I put them in Ainardia. Maude immediately found the tubas when I put her down. Noeah had better things to do and danced with some mushrooms before eating them. When both were settled in, I added Chimanga to the group.

It was at this point that I realized that there was only one female, so I hatched a baby Siamese named Pam. Chimanga decided that the treehouse was a nicer place, and left the small group of Norns. Pam also decided to strike off on her own, and form her own one Norn band with a drum set. Noeah and Maude continued to stick together and I even heard the occasional kisspop from them.

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  1. Aw sooo cute!!! Thanks so much for using Ainarda!!!! I hope you like it! I know this is a super late message but just wanted to say hi and I enjoyed reading this post!