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Sunday, May 24, 2015

National Escargot Day!

I love random, possibly fake, holidays, and today just so happens to be National Escargot Day. Escargot, for those who don't know, is cooked snails. It's popular in Spain and France, and I've never actually tried it. I don't really want to try it either. Why did I bring up the holidy then? Mostly because I wanted to highlight some weird  Creatures things and this is as good of an excuse as any!

There aren't to many snail agents. but there was a snail breed called the Snail Ettins. It was made by Dementchild for C1 and C2. Sadly it looks like the breed has been lost. The site it was hosted on is dead and I couldn't find a mirror of the site.

There are snails in C2 and C3 originally, but there's also a handful of snail-inspired agents made by other people. The only C2 snail agent is the Envy Snail by Helen. There's a few snail agents in C3/DS though. The snails from C2 have been converted into C3/DS twice by different people, once by Edash and another time by Malkin. The ones made by Malkin require the Garden Box, but they are also edible! So your Creatures can take part in National Escargot day. After they're done eating snails, they can warm up by the snail torch. Or if they're bored, they can play with their Squeak Snail instead.

Snail-themed Creatures things:
Snail Ettin by Dementchild

C2 agents:
Envy Snail by Helen

C3/DS agents:
Albian Snail by Edash

Snail Torch by TwilightCat and Bug

Squeak Snail by Twilight

Garden Box Albian Snail by Malkin and Mea


  1. I'm glad my snails could help your creatures celebrate National Escargot Day! :D

    1. The Norns in the picture were happily eating as many snails as they could.