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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

CreatureLink: Jester doesn't joke around

Maude and Pam greeted me with two new eggs! This was Pam's first egg and Maude's fourth. Noeah wasn't doing to well. He was always shivering, even though he wasn't sick. Even a sun couldn't warm him up! Him staring straight at it probably didn't help either.

Pam had finally turned into an adult though. So I could, finally, added Jester to the group! (He was an old mystery Creature that Jessica uploaded and was already an adult.) The very first thing he did was walk up to the females, slap them a few times, got Maude pregnant, and walked away to take a nap. Despite his name, he was quite a serious little Norn.

Jester certainly made an impression on the young females. He was already 3 hours old, so maybe he was trying to make up for lost time. He left Maude quite confused. They all seemed to get over it pretty quickly though. The girls eventually forgave him, and both Pam and Maude had another egg. Noeah was the father of one of those eggs.

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  1. I remember Jester and the mystery CreatureLink downloads! He has a really nice appearance, but apparently he's not very nice to others. Hopefully he'll settle down and make some friends soon!