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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Creatures 1 Wolfling Runs are Impossible

...for me at least. C1 is the only Creatures game that I can't run a wolfling run in. I can run them in DS without a problem and have even managed a few in C2 before. But C1? No. I've tried many times and I either stopped it half way through to cure all of the sick Norns, or watched them all die. Recently though, Jessica updated some of C1's food sources. So I figured I would give it another shot.

I should have learned from past mistakes though, since the run failed miserably. All of my males died before breeding, so I hatched a new set. I got one egg from them, which I promptly froze. I figured things might get better after that but they didn't. All but three of my Norns were wiped out in a plague on the island. So only two males and one female survived. The males are probably going to die from starvation and the last female isn't doing much better. She's sick and dying in a corner.

So even if C1 wolfling runs are possible, I don't think I want to try them anymore. Especially not after this run. She's just sitting there, sneezing. There's even a cheese by her foot, but she won't eat it.

just eat the cheese please


  1. You're right about C1 wolfling runs! I don't think I've ever had a successful one... I remember letting the game run overnight when I was much younger, yet often things were just confusing. Or Albia was empty! I think part of the problem is that illnesses in C1 are very serious: The majority are contagious, and the only way to keep producing antibodies is to use up glucose. With limited food sources, Norns are prone to dying. Their immune systems are pretty terrible, though... Tweaking those genes could help with fighting off illnesses. I think the Yin Yang Norns had a much more realistic immune system. I remember it well when I did a case study of Dee, because I made a mental note to use something like it if I ever wanted to create my own genome!

    One quick question: I see that you're using the Multiple Grendel Button. Did you edit this to make it invisible to Creatures? Its normal state makes it visible, so anyone who gets stuck around the incubator is often attempting to look at. But since it's partially hidden by a wall, the view just goes back and forth until you can snap the Norn out of it. Might not be exactly what happened here: Figured I would ask, since that was one really annoying issue that was ruining some of my Norns' lives!

    1. I think I'll check the Yin Yang Norns out and breed them into a C1 population. They sound like what I'm looking for. Also maybe that's why the island is such a death trap, no food and plenty of bacteria. They go over there and either die of starvation or disease. Poor things. :(

      No, I don't think I edited it. That might be what lured her in, but she wasn't really moving when I found here there. She was just sneezing, resting, and had basically given up. After a while I decided to try and get her to eat, but it was to late to save her.