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Monday, May 1, 2017

Small update

Whoops. I never actually edited and posted last week's post, did I? A friend was in town for the week. Add in some wonderful allergies and the blog was the last thing on my mind for a while. I'm still not feeling great and I'm rather distracted at the moment. So the next 2017 genome post will be going up Friday instead of Wednesday.

I suppose I could give an update for a few other things as well. I've occasionally been messing around with Caos teardowns and a weird wolfling run setup. The Caos teardowns will probably start going up sometime later this month. I've decided to start with my many buttons of Caos, which are literally just buttons that run small chunks of code. Some of those buttons were used while testing an agent, and those buttons will lead into actual agent teardowns. Eventually, I'll get around to tearing apart my current project, the Simpler Hoverdoc/Hoverdoc Lite. That will be an... interesting thing to write about.

As for my wolfling run setup, I don't have much to say bout it. I could explain how it works or even what has gone into it. That would ruin the surprise though. So here's a few random screenshots from it that don't show anything too spoilery.

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