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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

2017: Moving Day

The norns didn't know it yet, but they were in for an exciting day. The OLS ark metaroom got an update a week ago that fixed my main issue with it, the shiver-inducing snow. It took me a bit, but I finally got the norn's new world decorated the way I wanted. So it was time to move the adults into the new world and hatch a bunch of babies. It would be interesting to see how everyone copes with a new world. Food was in different places and there weren't as many toys. The babies, meanwhile, were stored in a folder for later. They were destined for a wolfling run in the future.

I used moving day as an excuse to age Lynx, Minnow, and Sculpin up a bit as well. They were still adolescents and youths while the rest of the group were quite a ways into their adulthood. By the time the rest of the norns were added, Lynx was almost an hour old and the Undines weren't to far behind him. I put everyone back on the same level they were in the old word, mostly so the drama could continue.

While I was aging them up, Sculpin had made his way up to another level. I think he was a bit scared of the bigger norns because he tried hiding behind a plant when I added the other norns. Poor Minnow was left alone in the pond area. Besides for Sculpin, everyone else acted like nothing had ever happened. I counted everyone's babies and figured out that Lion had the... lion's share of the eggs. Bobcat had only had 5 out of 18 babies and Tiger only had 3. Even as I was writing that, Lion and Puma had another egg. Bobcat wasn't giving up though. A few minutes later, Bobcat and Ocelot had another egg.

While Bobcat and Lion fought over the females in the main hallway, Tiger and his gang were content to stay where they were. They had company and plenty of food to spare. Tiger had gone from snowy loner to the leader of his own group. I even saw Lynx admit that he loved Tiger! Unfortunately for Lynx, Tiger didn't know Handish. The only female not interested in mating at the time was Caracal. She was in Tiger's old area. I like to think she was reminiscing about her past, but she was likely just there for the fruit.

I was curious how everyone felt about each other, so I taught everyone the words for like and love. I regretted it almost immediately. Bobcat and Lion's group started love/like loops. Amusingly, Ocelot and Lion still loved each over. Ocelot only liked Bobcat, but Bobcat loved Ocelot. Also Tiger didn't have a strong opinion of Lynx and Lynx had decided he only liked Tiger. There had been a few slap fights, so I suppose that soured their relationship a bit. Also Puma and Bobcat had another egg, as did Lion and Ocelot. The amusing part about the pregnancies was that all of the eggs were the same color.


  1. Oh no, like/love loops! Those are awful.
    I love reading about your norns' adventures. :D

    1. Thanks! And thanks for the rest of the comments as well. I might not reply but I do read them.