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Friday, May 5, 2017

2017s: Dramatic Norns

Last time there were a lot of eggs and some moving around. Lion and Ocelot, a surprisingly monogamous couple, were separated when Ocelot went to the norn home to lay an egg. Bobcat, the father of most of the eggs, was trying to impress Ocelot and have an egg with her as well. She didn't seem all that interested. Puma was trying to explain to Carcal that the doors to the norn home were always open. Lastly, Tiger was shivering all alone on the top level of a snowy area where he had spent most of his life.

Tiger and Lion were apparently unhappy with my tidy little summary. They immediately moved when I unpaused the game. Lion was confused by his new surroundings and tried hiding. Tiger just joined Bobcat and Ocelot in shivering. A minute or two later, and Bobcat and Tiger went onto the top level. Maybe Tiger convinced Bobcat that his part of the room was warmer? Lion finally found Ocelot again and the two celebrated with another egg. Puma tried pushing a weed in the main hallway and found out they weren't very fun. Ocelot, meanwhile, made her way to the norn home to lay her egg.

After she laid her egg, the females immediately surrounded Lion. Despite all of the kisspopping noises, nothing really happened. They waited until I was brainstorming ideas for another world before they had another baby. This time Puma and Lion were the parents. I wasn't surprised that Lion was the father, but I was sort of unhappy about it. Ocelot and Lion made a nice, monogamous pair for a while. Both Ocelot and Caracal abandoned him after he got Puma pregnant. Maybe he and Ocelot had some version of a Nornish fight or maybe they just missed shivering. So much drama for norns that weren't even 2 hours old yet!

A minute later and Lion joined Ocelot in the right side of the metaroom. She welcomed him with a few slaps and he tried pushing her. Everyone eventually ended up on the same level and moved around enough that I gave up tracking them. There were a few minutes of shivering and kisspopping before Caracal became pregnant with Lion's egg. She paced for a bit before unceremoniously laying her egg in the coldest part of the world and walking off. She wasn't the sort to travel across the world just to lay an egg. A short while later, Puma and Bobcat had another egg as well. Puma actually tried making it to the norn home, but her shivering slowed her down. I think that was the first time she never made it.

Then the world hit another lull, so I inspected everyone's organs with the x-ray agent. Besides Bobcat and Puma, everyone had some damage to one of their organs. One of the genes in the 2017 genome was one that damaged the heart when adipose tissue was high enough. So almost everyone had apparently gotten really fat at some point. Almost as soon as I wrote that, Ocelot and Lion had another egg. I almost thought that Lion and Ocelot were going to get back together. Lion and Caracal sneaking off to Tiger's hill killed that thought pretty quickly. While there, they enjoyed this world's most popular hobby: shivering and kisspopping. They eventually had an egg together, and Caracal even tried to make it to the norn home.

This picture was too adorable not to add! (Even if Caracal is just shivering and not really surprised by something.)

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