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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

2017s: Lovely Loops

Puma and Tiger found each other again! I was quite happy to see this. They were probably my favorite norns, next to Lion and Ocelot. The rest of the norns were pretty much where they were the last time. Poor Minnow was all alone in the pond area. Caracal was still on the top level of the snow area and Lion and Bobcat were still in the main hallway. I almost though that they missed all of the shivering. Most of the norns had avoided the snowy area since I moved them. Caracal was the only one there and, much to my happiness, she wasn't shivering as much.

Despite me hyping up Lion and Bobcat's rivalry last time, they still liked each other. They also liked pretty much everyone in the world. Lynx was left out of Lion and Bobcat's many declarations of love/like. Puma had still grown fond of Lynx, even in the small amount of time they were together. Also the two groups were close enough to yell that they liked/loved each other through the walls of the spaceships. Because of this, the loops were pretty much a constant thing. They just really loved each other and had to let me know... constantly. Thankfully turning of creatures voices is an option! I think I'd have a silent game if it wasn't.

Puma and Tiger's reunion ended quickly. Puma and Lynx ended up having a child and Puma traveled to the norn home to lay it. Puma had mated with other males before, but Tiger had only mated with her. Maybe one of these days I would get my naturally occuring monogamous pair, but not with this group. Anyway, with Puma gone Scuplin was free to move back in with his other friends. He had strangely avoid the group while Puma was there. Puma's egg was quickly followed by one from Caracal and Lion.

After a few more minutes, I noticed everyone turning grey. Only the younger norns, Sculpin, Minnow, and Lynx, were still adults. Old age wasn't going to slow them down though. Both Ocelot and Puma laid eggs a few minute apart. Organ failure would certainly slow them down though. Caracal, Ocelot, Tiger, and Lion had received some organ damage at some point, and that particular organ was an important one. Ocelot and Tiger had the most damage, with a 20% different between that organ's health and the usual number. They would likely die of old age before that organ failed, but it was still an interesting thing to see.

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  1. Glad the shivering was fixed!

    I'm really curious/looking forward to see more of the mini hoverdoc (?) too. Looks tremenduously useful :D