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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2017's: Eggs

I was enjoying my time with this world so far. The metaroom, the Other Lone Shee's Ark, was well done for a metaroom largely made up of sprites from the games. The area's that weren't from the games were rather pretty, especially the underground pond. Plus it had locking doors. That made it quite easy to section off the room and put different types of creatures in there. The genome I was messing with, the 2017 genome, didn't act that different from a regular creatures. This wasn't a bad thing! It meant that the creator had seamlessly added the digestive tweaks into the CFF genomes. So well, in fact, that I sometimes forgot they weren't regular CFF norns.

Anyway, Ocelot greeted me with another egg and I moved her back with Lion. Everyone in the main group had bred at least once. So I wasn't to worried about the next generation. One of the more interesting norns from the group, Tiger was still in his favorite area. He was quite cold up there, but he wasn't starving up there. Perhaps he was more of a Siberian tiger then a Bengal tiger? He certainly wasn't as interested in breeding as the other males. As I was writing that, Puma laid another egg and Bobcat was the father this time. She was quickly followed by Caracal, who actually tried making it the norn home this time. The father of that egg was also Bobcat. Then it was Ocelot's turn to lay an egg. I didn't move her back with Lion this time. She would have to make her own way back to him.

Then Puma and Bobcat had another baby. Amusingly, Caracal went with Puma to the norn home. Maybe Puma was trying to show her where it was or tell her that the door was always open. Lion, meanwhile, was already quite lonely. I felt sorry for him, but I wanted to see if he would find the elevator up. His old mate, Ocelot, was slowly warming up to Bobcat. There was the occasional kissing noise from them, but they mostly ignored each other. Neither seemed extremely interested in each other though. I was secretly hoping she would find her way back to Lion. They were pretty cute together.

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  1. A new version of the metaroom has been released with toys and some smells included. :)