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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2017's: Growing Up

Last time I was comparing the 2017s genome to a regular CFFs. As I was doing that, the norns decided to move around and age up. I returned and everyone had aged into adolescence. Most had decided to join Tiger in the snowy area. Puma, Ocelot, and Bobcat were huddled together to stay warm while Tiger dealt with the cold on his own. Caracal was still in the main hallway. Lion, meanwhile, was staring at some critters and feeling quite lonely.

Which reminded me, I had learned a few interesting things from the gene compare. Unlike regular CFFs, the 2017s get lonelier faster and can't reduce their loneliness by pushing critters, bugs, and plants. This forces them much more likely to seek out other norns when lonely instead of playing with critters or bugs. Digging into the genome inspired me to try a few of my own tweaks on the 2017s. So I soon had two amphibious critter-eaters living in the lower-right area of the world. (I apparently couldn't stay away from testing things, even in my non-testing worlds.)

Around 45ish minutes in Ocelot and Lion had the first egg. I moved Ocelot back to Lion's area after she laid her egg and I hid the egg underwater. I wanted to focus on the adults in this world, not their children. I also discovered that the baby undine's were starving. Turns out my great edits weren't as great as I thought. While I tried to figure out what was wrong with the Undines, Bobcat and Caracal had decided to move back into the main hallway. Lion and Ocelot also had their second egg.
Everyone aged into an adult while I continued to fiddle with the Undine's genetics. To celebrate this, Puma and Tiger decided to have their first egg! Puma also made the journey to the little norn home/nursery I had decorated. A few minutes later, Bobcat and Caracal also had their first egg. Caracal didn't bother going all the way to home to lay the egg though, and instead laid it next to a norndoll toy. Both of their eggs were quickly moved to the underground lake before they could hatch.

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