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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

CCSF Blog Carnival 3: Old play style

Today's prompt is about how your play style has changed since you first started playing. I still play the game I started with, still mostly run wolfling runs, and still mostly play with norns. So the way I play hasn't changed much, but the species I raise and type of worlds I build has changed a little. I used to only raise norns because, like most players, I had a bad introduction to grendels and ettins. The default grendels and ettins in C3 either killed my norns or messed up my gadget arrangements. I even had a few serial killer ettins who killed norns because they were over crowded and fearful. I have gotten over that though, mostly because I either kill the egg layers or keep the species separate. Plus I've found smarter and much happier grendel/ettin genomes to play with. Grendel Man's genomes helped me realize that happy grendels are absolutely adorable, and they've become my second favorite species. The Chameleon Ettins made me realize that the regular ettins were the worst species because of their genome, and not just because they're ettins. Seriously though, I'm terrible at reading the Desert Ettin's moods, their expressions all look the same to me. Even third party breeds can't save that species for me.

In fact, it was this world that lagged the GB a lot.
I build different worlds then I used to. When I first started, I was limited by what metarooms were around and what they came with. As a result, I tended to use metarooms that connected to the main ship. The Norngarden 1 and the Terra rooms were my favorite, especially the former. I was also fond of using TwilightCat and Trollop/Bugs agents. The ones that came in seed packets spread nicely, and the tea time potted plants produced enough food for a small colony of creatures. I also didn't decorate my worlds that much. Then Magic Words: Room Edits and the Garden Box came out and my worlds were never the same again. I realized seasonal wolfling runs were possible, so I started making a lot of them. Overly decorated worlds were now possible, so I started making them as well. The only way my play style has changed since those came out is that I don't add quite as many GB decorations everywhere. Turns out you can make the Garden Box if you add to many decorations.

One minor change in how I make worlds is that I don't make so many of them anymore. I used to limit myself to six Docking Station worlds at anytime, and deleted one when I wanted to make a new one. As a result, I made a lot of worlds and usually made worlds for a specific population. The Mobula Ray and Remora Ray were the only worlds that weren't made that way. As you might imagine, this got really old after a while. So I stopped making so many worlds and stopped deleting them. In case anyone is curious, I currently have 13 worlds, two of which have names like "!" and "!!." What great names for testing worlds!

Maybe a C2 "vacation" will change things up.
Another change is that I play the game less then I used to. If I were keeping track of my play time, I wouldn't consider background wolfling runs and testing things to be actually playing the game. So the amount of time I'm playing the game has gone down drastically over the years. This has had an interesting effect on the way I play the game, creature watching has become interesting again. With the right music (and my web browser closed) watching creatures has become a nice way to relax. So, on second thought, I suppose my play style is in the middle of changing as DS slowly grows boring and tinkering with genetics/caos takes over my older play style.

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