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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Migration World Tour

While it probably isn't necessary, I want to show off the world this blog is going to be covering for a few generations. I'll also have a post about seasonal migration runs tomorrow because some people might not be familiar with them, and because I love talking about them. This particular migration world isn't to hard on the Norns, and that's what I was aiming for. The Norns that are going into the world are 200th generation Norns, and they've spent that whole time in a really easy world. If they do well, then I can always make food more scarce. You should be able to click the image and see a larger one.

Anyway, I have four metarooms in a certain order, from spring to winter, and they are all linked together by CAs and interporters. That way I don't get lost, and the Norns aren't stuck in just one metaroom. The Spring metaroom is the Norn Terrarium, and there really isn't anything interesting. It does have the most food out of any season though.

The Summer metaroom is Primordia, minus the plants and the animals. I've expanded it a bit to give my Norns more space, and added the planks so the Norns don't look like their floating. It has slightly less food then the Spring room, but not by much.

The Fall metaroom is Tulu because
 it was one of the few Fallish metarooms out there. I wish I had gone with a bigger metaroom, but I've added another level to it so hopefully the Norns aren't to crowded. It has less food then the Summer room, but way more then the last room.

The Winter metaroom is the North Pole and it has very little food. It's cold and the food is spaced out so Norns have to travel all the time to find food. Normally the room has these candy cane fruits in it, but I removed them so Norns wouldn't travel in there if it wasn't Winter.

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