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Saturday, July 19, 2014


I've always loved reading Creatures blogs and I actually made this blog last summer, but I never did anything with it. So now I am! I'll most talk about my current feral runs, or any pet worlds I have at the time. The only active worlds I have right now are my GoM world and my feral world(s) though. I have other plans for my GoM, so that leaves me with the feral world. There are other worlds like my Mobula Ray world, but it's currently empty besides Balmora and a GoM queen.

The name of the blog actually comes from the name of my main DS world, The Mobula Ray. Back in 2012, the CCSF had a contest where you could come up with a Shee spaceship design. I didn't come up with an idea until after CCSF, but the idea of a manta ray spaceship has been stuck in my head ever since. I used to call in the Manta Ray, but Mobula rays are in the same family as manta rays and have a nicer name. So I just renamed it to the Mobula Ray and it's been that ever since. I tend to reuse world names.

Balmora is the Grendel in my Blogger avatar, and she happens to be my favorite Creature. She's been a semi-permanent part of my worlds pretty much since I started playing DS. She was one of my first genetic experiments, and has been floating around my worlds since 2011. She's named after a city in Morrowind, and actually had four clones of her running around at one point. They sadly died when a world corrupted, and I only had enough time to export Balmora. She's survived numerous world crashes, corruptions, accidental deletions, and even one time when my whole Creatures folder was wiped. She's since been backed up and imported to my super stable Mobula Ray world. I like to imagine she helps me run the ship, but really all she does is play with toys.

I usually have a feral/wolfling run in the background. My Norns are left on their own, but I will export starving or Norns that haven't passed an IQ test in 20 or so minutes. Most of the exported Norns are either deleted, or sent to a folder to be GoM food. Most of my feral runs are archived though. Seasonal migration and aquatic worlds are some of my favorites. I don't currently have an aquatic world though.

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