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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Monthly Update

I think I'll make these monthly update posts a semi-permanent thing. Anyway, last month I said I was going to go in a "new direction" with my blog. I was aiming for a Caos tutorials direction, but made very little progress on them. I did finish some projects though! Admittedly, it's mostly because the CCSF looks like it's going to happen this year. The Sound Emitter and giant list of agents are only two of the projects. Another one, the Hoverdoc Lite, is waiting for the CCSF. (If you've seen the green and blue/pink thing floating over my norn's heads, that's the Hoverdoc Lite.) I'm also a few steps away from completing version 2 of my Stinger Norns. So they might, finally, be finished and post before the end of the year.

Besides for finishing some old projects, I've also been toying around with a few others. The biggest of one is a newer version of the weather generator. I do have more details about that, but I'll save that for next week when I actually have something coded. Another project is something I've been working on for a while, autonamers that give out names based on all of the Elder Scrolls races. There are a few Protective Tub replacers for Elder Scrolls races, but I decided to make my own autonamers for them. This also includes Orc names that actually work like real Orc names. So females pass on their first name to their female children. And that's pretty much it for projects and what's going on in-game. The only non-testing world I have is a wolfling run I threw together a few days ago.

Besides being carnivorous, the genome is fairly boring. I just wanted a new genome to throw in a wolfling run.

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